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The Monastir Rundown

Monastirlies on the central coast of Tunisia just south of Sousse. Originally a fishing port, this north African town has grown into quite the tourist resort. Here, clear skies touch the blue Mediterranean Sea, which rolls onto sandy white beaches. Tourists can enjoy playing golf at Palm Links or Flamingo, as well as sightseeing, water sports and fresh seafood in the lovely beachside town of Monastir. Situated near a modern marina and a Ribat (fort) from the 18th century, Monastir is a town that mixes the present with the past seamlessly. At the fort, tourists can stroll through a museum with unique, ancient pieces of art like pottery and textiles.

The Bourguiba's Mausoleum is also another great place to visit with its stunning and photograph-worthy architecture. For a bit of fun and adventure, felucca (sailing ship) cruises and camel safaris are popular with visitors and are sure to provide a unique way to see this wonderful destination. Whether it's atop camels or on your two feet, Monastirmelds history with a picturesque setting sure to please those on holiday.

When To Go

Tunisia has a Mediterranean climate, and hot, dry summers meet mild winters in Monastir. In the spring, between the middle of March through to the beginning of May, is the best time to visit. The temperatures are warm and wild flowers cover the countryside. For beachgoers, the summer is also great, yet busy. Treks into the desert are not suitable during the summer as the temperatures can be scorching. As for fall and winter, harvesting is finishing and music festivals are in full swing. This is a great time for visiting Monastir.

  • May through August (summer): Daily high 33°C (90°F)
  • September through November (fall): Daily high 25°C (77°F)
  • December through April (winter and spring): Daily high 16°C (60°F)

Getting There

By motorway, Monastir is about 22km (14 mi) southeast of Sousse and 165km (103 miles) from Tunis. The highways MC 82 and GP 1 will take visitors to the town of Monastir.

By air, the international airport of Monastir-Skanes is about 7km (4 mi) away. There are scheduled ground transportation services to towns like Djerba and Tunis, as well as other cities. During the summer, daily charter flights also service the area in and around Monastir.

By metro, the station of Metro du Sahel located on the west side of Monastir offers regular services to and from the airport to various cities like Sousse, Tunis, Gabes and others. There is also a bus station, Gare Routiere at Bab el Gharbi on the southwestern side of the Medina, which provides regular operation to Tunis, Sousse, Sfax, Mahdia and other locations in the Sahel.

Monastir General Information

Monastir is a handsome seaside community in Tunisia, where the charms of Mediterranean North Africa and old world medina culture combine to form a noble holiday destination. A short coastal drive from Sousse and only 160 km from Tunisia’s superb capital, Tunis, Monastir welcomes a lot of spin-off tourism from both. With over 4 million passenger arrivals a year at Monastir-Habib Bourguiba International Airport however - a good many of whom come from France, Germany and the United Kingdom - the reverse is accurate as well. Monastir is a supreme gateway to the rest of Tunisia.

Like many other coastal towns on the Mediterranean with a considerable cultural heritage, Monastir has made purposeful strides in recent years to reboot and lure new tourists. The cityscape renovation, while decidedly sterile in spots and not altogether seamless, has made enough waves to steal some of Sousse’s thunder. Despite the whitewash refurb of the ancient medina, the city still offers a beautiful ensemble of landmarks to explore. The Ribat is a foremost epitome of Arab fortress and monastery architecture and the Habib Bourguiba Mausoleum honours the First President of the Republic of Tunisia in grand spectacular fashion.


  • Ribat fortress
  • Habib Bourguiba Mausoleum
  • Moknine Folk Museum
  • Ksar Hellal
  • Great Mosque


  • Water Sports
  • Medina Shops
  • Beach Resorts
  • Golf
  • Monastir Marina


  • El Hana
  • Snax
  • Le Chandelier
  • Marina Captain
  • Le Rempart


Nightlife in Monastir centres largely on the holiday resorts that populate the coast and even then, the party scene is minimal to nil. The best bet for after-dinner entertainment is to head to nearby Sousse, where a number of clubs and bars, provide a solid nightlife fix.


Monastir has a warm Mediterranean climate, with mild weather throughout the year.

  • Winter (December to February) 6-16°C
  • Spring (March to May) 8-24°C
  • Summer (June to September) 17-33°C
  • Fall (October to November) 11-25°C

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