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Pai is a picturesque small town on the Pai River in the Mae Hong Son Province of Northern Thailand. Its proximity to the northern capital of Chiang Mai makes the town a very popular location for tourists that want to explore the countryside. The town has long been a favourite haven for backpackers and hippies so it has a unique culture that is a mixture of both Thai and western influences. It has a long and rich history that began more than 5,000 years ago, a fact evidenced by the range of ancient and modern temples that dot the area.

  • Swim in clear pools of water while getting amazing views of the verdant countryside at Mo Paeng Waterfall, where visitors will find a thrilling natural waterslide during the dry season in Mae Hong Son.
  • Explore the eclectic shops at Chinese Village, in Pai, where visitors will discover Chinese teas and traditional medicines brought to Mae Hong Son from Yunnan, China.
  • Take a ride on one of the majestic symbols of Thailand, on an Elephant Trek through the dense green jungle and then enjoy a refreshing swim in the Pai River.

Pai does have a small airport and many people take the 25 minute flight from Chiang Mai to get there. The best way to arrive is to travel along Route 1095 that connects Pai with Mae Hong Son and Chiang Mai. This scenic route snakes through the mountains and is worth the effort, as it provides some of the most fantastic scenery in all of northern Thailand. Once there visitors can get around on foot, as the small town is very compact. They can also hire a motorbike if they would like to further explore the surrounding area.

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