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Halmstad General Information

The traditional province of Halland is a remarkable corner of Sweden with a lot of inherent appeal for contemporary tourists. Home to superb landmarks like Varberg Fortress and a vital agricultural legacy to boot, the province is well worth a tour. One particular stop of interest in Hallan is the small city of Halmstad.

Halmstad’s location in Sweden and indeed, Nordic Europe, is notable. About equidistant from both Göteborg (Gothenburg) and Malmö (with Copenhagen on the other side of the Oresund Strait), Halmstad is just across Kattegat bay from Denmark’s Djursland peninsula and the small town of Grenaa. Halmstad then, is a minor city of 56,000 people most vital as a port, industry and university hub. Impressively, Halmstad’s city charter was granted in 1307 and tourists can re-visit the town’s history in the nearby village of Övraby. Because Halmstad sits at the mouth of the Nissan river, the town and contiguous area attracts many recreation enthusiasts to the waterway and Hagöns Nature Reserve. Halmstad Golf Club owns two of the best championship courses in Sweden and the Varberg Radio Station, some 70 km north of Halmstad, is one of the most unusual UNESCO World Heritage Sites on record.

  • Varberg Radio Station
  • Fattighuset
  • Halmstad Castle
  • Länsmuseet Halmstad
  • County Museum of Halland
  • Halmstad Marinfestival
  • Gullbranna Festival
  • Nissan River
  • Hagöns Nature Reserve
  • Tylösand
  • Lilla Helfwetet
  • Fridolfs
  • Pio & Company
  • Vardshuset Vastergok
  • Ristorante Piccolo Italy
  • The Bulls Pub
  • Verona
  • Bar Mezzo
  • Harrys Pub
  • Gustafs Bar & Gatukök

Halmstad has a temperate maritime climate, with four distinct seasons.

  • Winter (December to February) -3-3°C
  • Spring (March to May) -1-15°C
  • Summer (June to August) 10-20°C
  • Fall (September to November) 2-16°C

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