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Voss, Norway

Voss is a village located in the heart of Fjord Norway about 62 miles (100 km) from Bergen. Known as an adventurous destination, this town in Hordaland county features an endless list of winter and summer activities. From ski centres to rivers, mountains and lakes, outdoor fun awaits in this exciting holiday spot.

Voss Attractions

  • Voss Klatrepark
  • Evanger Spekjemat
  • Voss Resort Ski Centre

Voss Activities

  • Ride horseback to see the old Ruste Farm
  • Relax or have an adventure at the Voss Rafting Centre
  • Shop the Amfi Voss Shopping Centre

Voss Climate

Although the city has northerly latitude, Voss can be visited throughout the year by both summer and winter sports enthusiasts. Winter is, of course, snowy with very cold temperatures, but most will be surprised to find this town has a summer, when temperatures can actually reach 64°F (18°C) in the months of June through August. Expect spring and fall to be quite chilly.

Getting There & Around

Voss is about one hour from the Bergen Airport, which operates as a main gateway by plane, bus and boat. Both international and national arrivals land here and bring visitors to Voss. Train routes and coaches offer transportation for visitors travelling from Bergen to Voss.

Getting around Voss is best with a hired car or public transport. Since the city is centrally located with a network of motorways, it is easy to travel about the area.

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