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Congonhas is the common name for Brazil’s Congonhas Sao Paulo Airport. It is one of three airports that serves the country’s largest city, and was named after the neighbourhood in which it is located, formerly known as Congonhas. The airport opened in 1936, underwent major renovations between 2003 - 2007, and is now considered to be Sao Paulo’s second largest airport. It is located approximately eight kilometres from the city’s centre and handles mainly domestic flights. The terminal was once considered one of the country’s best examples of modern architecture, but recent renovations have changed the building’s design.

  • Book a conference room at the Caesar Business Sao Paulo Faria Lima hotel, near the airport, for your business meeting when travelling to Sao Paulo.
  • Make use of one or more of the upgrade amenities available at Congonhas Airport in Sao Paulo, such as departure lounges, restaurants, travel agencies and ATMs (automated teller machines).
  • Peruse the many stores and shops whilst waiting for your flight at Congonhas Airport, including bookstores, gift shops, and photo shops.

Most flights going into Congonhas originate in other Brazilian cities, some of which offer connections from international points of origin. From the city of Sao Paulo, the airport can be reached by a number of different bus systems. Some buses are operated by airlines housed in the airport, and others are private bus services. Congonhas’s street address is on Washington Luis Avenue, which is in the Campo Belo district. There are private bus companies that operate between all three Sao Paulo airports for travellers making connections between the city’s airports.

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