Wild and the Wonderful

Extreme SportsWhen it comes to adventure sports going from one thrilling activity to the next is how the mind proceeds but few think of a location that has it all to offer. We found two spots that can aptly be described as the wild and wonderful natural adventure seeker paradises that can be an adventure packed vacation destination as soon as you’re fit to canoe, kayak, rock climb and hike your way over.

Appalachian MountainsWild: The Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia (US)
The wild Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia offer the complete experience for adventure seekers. A place best enjoyed by backpackers who lose themselves in its wilderness, mountains, and gushing rivers, this terrain is an adventure seeker’s paradise.

Gauley RiverThere is much to do here. Just the activities in the water would draw many as they look to canoeing, kayaking and even white water rafting excursions. The rivers lend themselves to a lot. You can easily find adventure groups that would be willing to guide your tour, make it as perfect as they can for the money you pay them. Of course it is advisable to have someone with knowledge of the river and the activity along, if it is a local guide it is all the better. The exciting and scenic New River and the Gauley River gorges are both exceptional experiences with white water rafting being the special treat.

The rugged terrain lends itself to a challenging hike for those who wish to enjoy the forests and the wilderness. This is not all the area has to offer though; for those looking for a complete outdoor vacation, there is rock climbing on the cards as well. Horseback riding, ATV tours, rappelling and mountain biking are some other activities you can enjoy here. Overall, it’s a package for a fit man, groups of adventure seekers or a family that can enjoy it together.

Lake TaupoWonderful: Lake Taupo, New Zealand
A wonderful outing for adventure seekers is the Lake Tupao region in northern New Zealand. The island nation boasts many scenic spots for tourists but the lake and the adjoining areas boast a number of activities that range from mild family fun to extreme adventure sports all so convenient that the day ends before things to do even get close to being topped. Created by a volcanic eruption in 181AD, the Lake Tupao is the world’s largest lake, matching the size of the Singapore Island. The lake itself is situated beneath the famous Huka Falls and the volcanic region oozes beauty at each glance with fascinating historical and natural sights.

Whanganui BayAs for the activities in the area, Whanganui Bay, on the western shore of Lake Taupo, is considered the mecca of North Island rock climbing by some. The place boasts around 200 Rhyolite routes for rock climbers with fixed and natural protection for climbers. The difficulty varies and so does the height of the cliffs to conquer.

There is a long list of things to do in and around Lake Taupo apart from rock climbing, including the family fun activities like picnic spots, museum Huka Fallstours, ATV tours, river safaris, horse treks and rapid jet rides over the white water and close to the Huka Falls. For those who dare though, there is much else to do as well. While some would like to take in the scenic view of the lake from above in a helicopter, others want to take the term bird’s eye view more literally and try it with sky diving. There are facilities for such in the area, including helicopter rides over the fall. Rafting and kayaking are two other activities in the water and bungee jumping spots in New Zealand are never going to be too far anyhow. Have a look at some cheap hotels near Lake Taupo through HotelClub.

Moreover, when the adrenaline gets to you and you want some easygoing family fun, or just want to relax those aching muscles, there are thermal and therapeutic hot spring spas to ease you. Trout fishing is a year round activity here, so is much else, you need to be there to experience the wonder in its essence.

2 Comments for "Wild and the Wonderful"

Troy says on January 27th, 2008 at 10:51 pm:

Lake Taupo is massive and the fishing there is great too. I’ve spent a week there with fishing and sightseeing and there is much trout for those fishing and the Huka Falls are beautiful, not a huge fall for the water but just the gushing and the color of the water is fantastic!

Mathew says on March 2nd, 2008 at 8:51 am:

All I’ve heard about Lake Taupo makes me want to plan a trip there, this summer. The blog has helped some in estimating how much it would cost. Thanks.


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