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Top Five Hotel Games

You can have lots of fun with computer games about travel. Below is a list of the best hotel simulation games available. If you love to put your own business and travel expertise to the test, these hotel games will challenge you to build the most popular hotel resorts.

5. Sim Tower
Sim Tower is one of the famous Sim series of computer simulation games with similar runaway popular games like Sim City and The Sims. Sim Tower is a game in which you start with a strip of land in a city that you must develop into a thriving building. You start with a lobby and stairways only.

Screenshot of SimTower Completed Tower

As you progress you can build offices, restaurants, hotels, apartments, and eventually you can add elevators. You can even watch the people inside the floors of your tower. This is a fun old game. I don’t usually like the older games because of poor graphics and even worse interface, but this is one of the better old games out there.

4. Pet Hotel
In Your Pet Hotel you are the manager of a pet hotel taking care of dogs, cats, and horses while their owners are away. But this is less of a simulation and strategy games, as it is a set of mini games. When you first open the game you can choose one of 3 categories – Strategy, Puzzles, or Action. Within each section there are twelve to twenty different mini games. Kids will love Pet Hotel since the games are simple and the graphics are good, and the animals are cute.

Pet hotel Screenshot Pet Hotel Screenshot

3. Ski Resort Tycoon
Ski Resort Tycoon is a fun diversion for ski lovers. Now you have the chance to run the slopes, the mountain, and the chalets. Design the slopes, operate and install chairlifts, and rent ski equipment. You can even try your hand at the runs on a snowboard or skis.

Screenshot of Ski Resort Tycoon Ski Resort Tycoon screenshot

2. Golf Resort Tycoon
This game is not just a golf course designer, but an entire resort builder. You need to build courses worthy of visiting, create restaurants posh enough for the most discriminating of country clubbers. Build stores, a pro shop, a bakery, and portable toilets for the golfers. You’ll need to provide entertainment for the guests and even deal with the media.

Golf Resort Tycoon Screenshot of Gold Resort Tycoon Golf Resort Tycoon

1. Maximum Capacity: Hotel Giant
Maximum Capacity: Hotel Giant is a fun hotel simulation game that makes you manager of the hotel. Manage staff, deal with customers, man the security cameras, and you can even see what happens inside each room.

Maximum Capacity Hotel Giant Maximum Capacity Hotel Giant screen shot Maximum Capacity: Hotel Giant screenshot

You start out with a small hotel for business travelers. You must choose what you want to add to your hotel to increase revenue including a swimming pool, bar or restaurant, a game room, and even a casino. This game is a great challenge and lesson in running a hotel in your choice of locations.

No matter which game you choose, you’ll have a blast managing your little section of the travel industry. If nothing else, you’ll gain a greater appreciation for what hotels have to go through in order to make your stay a pleasant one.

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chelsey says on May 16th, 2008 at 7:58 pm:

These games are awesome thanks for showing me the way to these websites, all these games are sooo

nannerz says on April 26th, 2009 at 4:12 pm:

cool they sound sooooo cool

john do says on April 28th, 2009 at 4:52 am:

Great Read! Will be back in the future to check out mroe of your posts.


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