Top 5 Places You Must See in Argentina

As the second largest country in Southern America, Argentina is a country with so many interesting places to experience and warm people to meet. This amazing country is one of the wealthiest and prospering states in Latin America, but also a top leading destination for all the nature lovers around the world. Here are five of the “must see” destinations in this lovely country.

5. The Monte

A large and flat desert area, The Argentinian Monte is the perfect destination for all the die hard bikers but also for all the bird lovers, since this amazing scenery is the home of one of the rarest flying species. Due to the damaging human activities over time, this amazing eco-region is currently in the process of extending the legal protection.


4. Talampaya

In the southern part of La Rioja, lies Talampaya – the home of the long extinction of the dinosaurs and the birth place of some of the first humans who ever existed. In 2000 it became a UNESCO World Heritage site and it currently contains several essential archaeological and paleontological sites in the whole country.


3. Mar de plata

If you’re looking to swim with the whales, Mar de plata is the best place to be. The waves in this part of the Atlantic Ocean are ideal for surfing, and thanks to the mild climate you can enjoy water sports all year round. The city became a resort just in the early 20th century, but shortly after the first investments the area became one of the top attractions for the Buenos Aires inhabitants.


2. Iguazu Waterfalls

This is one of the widest waterfalls in the world, since it consists of more than 270 small waterfalls. The best spot for watching the water falling from more than 230 feet is the Devil’s Throat. The region became a National Park in the 1980′s and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


1. Buenos Aires

The world capital of  tango, but also the capital of Argentina is the unique city of Buenos Aires. With more than 3 million inhabitants and more than 13 million in the metropolitan area, the city is one of the largest in America. Buenos Aires is strongly influenced by the European cities, therefore people sometimes refer to it as the “Paris of Southern America”.


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Argentina is amazing


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