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Top 5 Hotels in Australia & NZ for Value

There’s no reason to spend a lot of money on a spectacular hotel. There are plenty of resorts and hotels around the world where you can receive luxury amenities at budget prices.

As part of our search for Australia and New Zealand’s Best Resorts and Hotels, the following were voted Top 5 for Value.

5. The Naviti Resort (Coral Coast, Fiji)

The Naviti Resort

The Naviti Resort in Fiji is not only spacious and elegant but affordable as well. Rooms here range in price from $186 up to $427 USD depending on whether you book a simple room, an ocean view suite, or any of the other luxury room options. Some even include a complimentary breakfast – an added perk compared to the other amenities you’ll find in your room when you arrive.

4. Victoria Hotel (Melbourne, Australia)

Victoria Hotel

The Victoria Hotel in Melbourne is not only situated in the heart of one of the finest cities in Australia but is conveniently priced as well. The affordable prices range from only $75 to $100 USD per evening and the rooms are stocked with several modern amenities. Victoria is a great place for those traveling on a budget.

3. Paradise Resort (Gold Coast, Australia)

Paradise Resort

The tropical Paradise Resort is set on what seems like a luxury estate, but the 350 rooms here are some of the most affordable on the Gold Coast. Prices average from $75 – $100 USD and guests rave about the services and conveniences, including the Kids Club and onsite shopping opportunities. The Paradise Resort offers a luxury experience at a budget price.

2. Warwick Fiji Resort & Spa (Coral Coast, Fiji)


Nestled within a 25-acre tropical oasis, the Warwick Fiji Resort & Spa is the perfect destination for anyone who’s ever dreamed of an island vacation. The reasonably priced rooms run from $220 up to $500 USD depending on the type of suite you choose, but the in-house conveniences and amenities far exceed what you might expect. The staff is friendly and will see to it that your stay is a stunning experience.

1. Chateau on the Park (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Chateau on the Park

Conveniently located in the center of Christchurch, the incredible Chateau on the Park offers comfortable rooms at affordable prices. Prices range from $100 to $150 USD and give guests access to the surrounding gardens, pools, and a number of comfortable luxury amenities. Make sure you visit Canterbury University and the other spectacular nearby attractions while you’re in the area!

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