Top 5 Best Located Hotels in the UK & Ireland

A good hotel is conveniently located, either in an area you expected to be quiet or in a place where you’re near a number of stunning attractions.

Over 7,000 hotels were included in the search for the UK’s Best Hotels and Resorts. In the category Location the following hotels made the Top 5 in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

5. Shelbourne (Dublin, Ireland)


The Shelbourne Hotel is located smack in the heart of Dublin’s cultural district. The location makes it easy to visit some of the area’s finest architectural, cultural, and historic attractions, including St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Trinity College. After a long day of exploration you’ll appreciate being able to relax in the privacy of such a fine establishment.

4. Fitzwillaim (Dublin, Ireland)


Image credit: Fitzwillaim

Also located at the center of Dublin is the Fitzwillaim. The contemporary atmosphere is perfect for those looking to spend their days touring the city and their evenings chatting or dancing the night away in chic restaurants, clubs, and bars – all of which you’ll find both within the hotel and in the immediate vicinity.

3. De Vere Cameron House (Glasgow, Scotland)

De Vere Cameron House

The relaxing atmosphere surrounding the Devere Cameron House in Glasgow is the perfect destination for those looking for a private resort experience away from the bit city. Actually located in Loch Lomond, you’ll enjoy golfing, dining, and pampering yourself in the hotel’s spectacular spa.

2. Midland (Manchester, England)


The Midland Hotel Manchester itself is a historic architectural icon within the city and sits to the side of Saint Peter’s Square. Located in the center of the city, you’ll find yourself within minutes of several major landmarks as well as the Bridgewater Concert Hall. The rooms, restaurants, and spas will warmly welcome you after you return from a day in Manchester. Many other hotels in Manchester have excellent locations as well, but Midland is perfectly located close to all attractions in Manchester.

1. Lanesborough (London, England)


Image credits: Lanesborough

Located right outside of Hyde Park in the Knightsbridge section of London, you’ll find that the Lanesborough is only a short trip from many of London’s prestigious museums, business districts, and historic attractions. Your concierge can help you to arrange an itinerary and will be happy to help you make arrangements with the hotel’s car service if necessary as well.

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