Top 5 Hiking Destinations in Europe

When it comes to hiking, the European mountains are surely the best option for all the climbers around the world. The wild scenery, the picturesque villages and the friendly climate are the perfect ingredients for a perfect hike. Here are five of the best areas for trekking in Europe.

5. Dingle Way, Ireland
On the Emerald Island, if you follow the path to Dingle Way, you can enjoy the Slieve Mish Mountains and hills. The trail is 179 km, it starts and ends in Tralee, the capital of Kerry and it takes about 8-9 days to walk. Archaeological sites, green fields dotted with sheep and many more unique sights can be seen only from this path and not from the driveways of Ireland.


4. Morea, Greece
The southernmost part of the Greek mainland is a dry and rugged land. For all the hikers, the main attraction is represented by the Taygetos and the Parnon mountains. Among pine, oak, and olive trees one can see amazing vineyards and ancient ruins of the great Corinth.


3. Maratea Coast, Italy
The footpaths of this part of southern Italy are used since the Neolithic era and now it’s one of the newest attraction for all the local hikers. The area is more easily accessible in the last years and it includes limestone caves, stony beaches and tall mountains.


2. Vanoise National Park, France
Lying on over 520 square kilometers, the first national park of France can be found in the Savoie region and encompasses a wide range of flora and fauna. The hikers can get from 770 to 2796 meters above the sea. Over 500 kilometers of footpaths can be explored here, varying in difficulty.


1. Swiss Alps, Switzerland
In this part of Europe, hiking is a national pastime, since every single village is posted with yellow signs that are indicating hiking paths, in every direction. Also, everywhere in the Swiss Alps, the transport system provides a real helpful support for the trekkers, sending their baggage ahead. Easy, mediocre and very difficult – in every Swiss canton you can find the path that suits best for you.


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