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Three Recommended Australian Train Trips

There are many ways of touring a country; a car trip, hitch hiking, air travel, but a rather novel and different experience would be travelling via train. In many countries there are train routes that are very popular from tourisms point of view. For an amazingly large country like Australia, three different routes give you the chance to experience what’s best in the country ‘down under’.

The Ghan
The Ghan is the most renowned train route in Australia. Even if a local hasn’t had the privilege of making the journey from Adelaide to Darwin via Alice Springs, chances are he would still know the name as something proudly Australian.

The Ghan Accommodation The Ghan crew The Ghan

The train service started in late 1800, but faced various challenges like floods and a rather rickety train. It initially travelled only till Oodnadatta, from where passengers had to take another rocky ride on Afghani driven camel trains. That’s where the train gets it name; The Ghan.

The track extension from Adelaide to Alice Springs was completed in 1927 and a new engine got the honour of becoming The Ghan and making the trips. The vision of late l800s, finally saw the light of day when in February 2004, The Ghan made its first ever journey from Adelaide to Darwin in 48 hours with a 2 hours stop over in Alice Springs. The good thing about taking all this time in the realization of the dream is that now the train offers its passages a very luxurious and entertaining ride, spanning a massive 2979 kilometres.

It is an epic journey that lets one admire the amazing diversity of the land. Winding its way through the lush green fertile landscape around Adelaide, passing through the sweltering Red Centre and reaching tropical Darwin, The Ghan is nothing less than an Australian legend.

Indian Pacific
Indians Pacific is one of the world’s longest train journeys, spanning over 4352 kilometres. The one way trip takes 3 nights and joins the Indian Ocean to the Pacific, only through land. From Sydney to Adelaide and then on to Perth, it’s a journey through the width of the country. You will get a chance to enjoy the brilliant landscape of the country along with the experience of travelling on the longest straight stretch of train track in the world, measuring 478 kilometres. The train, apart from all the comforts and luxuries, offers optional sightseeing tours at Broken Hill, Adelaide and Kalgoorie. It is a highly recommended way of getting the feel of the country and enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Indian Pacific View from Indian Pacific Indian Pacific Train

The Overland
The third major train route in Australia is the Overland, a journey of 828 kilometers. The train has recently been refurbished and offers a relaxing journey between Melbourne and Adelaide. The train gets its name from the historic “Overlanders” and was the first inter-capital train service in Australia, dating back to 1887.

The Overland Breakfast on the Overland View from the Overland

With a recent refurbishment of around 4 millions dollars, you can be sure that your creature needs will be well looked after. It’s a daylight service that makes you appreciate the hills, plains and the diverse scenic beauty of a wonderful country, along with various opportunities to disembark and feel the land under your feet.

Of course all 3 train services travel in both directions and you can choose your own starting point. Adelaide being the common city in all three routes also provides an opportunity to explore one of the quieter cities in Australia.

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sir jorge says on February 17th, 2009 at 12:49 am:

Interesting, interesting indeed

diane chew says on November 18th, 2010 at 3:03 am:

I wish to have train trips for 4 days, can anyone advise which is the best route? Many thanks.


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