Top 5 Great Things to Do in Edinburgh

Also known as the Athens of the North, Edinburgh is said to be one of the best attractions to those traveling Scotland.

Other than being known as one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in Europe, Edinburgh charms with the dramatic contour of its wonderful Georgian and Victorian “surviving” architecture and boasts a unique combination of heritage, color and culture that will get you wandering the streets for hours without getting tired seeing how the city shifts from the historic, bustling Old Town to the urbanity of the New Town. So what are the five greatest things you shouldn’t miss while on a trip to Edinburgh? See below!

Edinburgh Castle

By far the most recognizable landmark of the city, Edinburgh Castle is not just a stunning subject for passionate photographers to snap (stunning golden at night), but a must if you want to check out the city and the scenic surroundings  from atop. Sitting on an extinct volcano 80 meters high, the mind-blowing ancient stronghold hides a more than 3000 years story — from being an uncompromisingly defensive fortress to protect its inhabitants, to a royal residence, a military base and prison.

Edinburgh’s Dark Side

Shrouded in mystery, Edinburgh is renowned for its historical shadowed side that unveils the city’s dark and mysterious happenings that took place for years and years. You’ll get to descend into the infamous underground vaults beneath the South Bridge (which is known as one of the most actively haunted and paranormal experiencing locations in the world), hear the tales of Mary Kings Close, Mercat Cross, graverobbers, cannibals, ghosts and ghouls, or get inside the crypt where the plague victims lived. Dare you?

Walking on Princes Street

Seen the castle, got your heart trembling with fear after taking a ghost tour and you’re now ready to spend some money — Princes Street is Edinburgh’s main shopping street. Built after the Jacobite rebellion, Prince Street was named for the family of King George III. It’s a mile long road closed to private motorized vehicles, that not only gets the eye with the plethora of shops, but also with beautiful gardens, grand monuments, and historic buildings. Definitely a popular place to take a stroll, so make sure you take a few rounds on Princes Street.

Edinburgh’s Royal Museum

Located close to Edinburgh Castle, the city’s Royal Museum is the place to be if you’d like to see a small but interesting collection of Egyptian mummies, and Dolly the sheep, the first adult mammal to be successfully cloned. Although dark on the outside, the interior of the Royal Museum is all modern and well lit. The first sight you’ll see when going in, is the magnificent Main Hall that wows with its elegant ‘bird-cage’ design. Seems perfect for a wet rainy day in Edinburgh.

Dine Out in Edinburgh

But Edinburgh is not only about stunning scenery, a great history and wonderful architecture, as the city is renowned for its dining out options that range from old pubs where you’ll be enjoying Scotland’s best whiskeys, lots of beer and the traditional fish and chips (served with a delicious combination of Gold Star brown sauce and water or malt vinegar known as “chippie sauce”), to incredibly high standard restaurants for those looking to dine out in style. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to taste some of Edinburgh’s gastronomic delights, would be well worth it.

And as the Scots would say …. Edinburgh is fantastic!

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Also known as the Athens of the North, Edinburgh is said to be one of the best attractions to those traveling Scotland.

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