The Diverse Hotels and Attractions of Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is a unique city that blends multiple eras of Japanese history into one cosmopolitan collection of old and new.  On the surface it appears like any other large city, but exploring a little deeper opens up a whole new world.

Golden Pavilion by daniel437

With such a collection of attractions, it should be no surprise that the accommodations in Kyoto have been influenced by the changing culture, and many styles are available for those seeking an escape from the norm.

The options are so plentiful, that it’s easy to pick a style of room and find one within a decent walk to many of the top sites.  As a result, those looking to stay in a capsule hotel, traditional ryokan, or even a luxury hotel can easily get out and enjoy the city without sacrificing location in the process.

Ryokan – Tradition at its Finest

The ryokan is one of the most widely recognized Japanese accommodation styles displayed in international media.  Sliding doors, paper walls, and traditional tatami mats are all available to give those seeking an authentic experience the historical accuracy that is craved.

In seeking out tradition, cost seems to inflate at a comparable pace.  As a result, the styles can run the gamut of basic all the way to luxurious while maintaining the same traditional style.  Japan’s history is often well preserved in these accommodations, and it is not uncommon to find some that are converted temples; indeed, a perfect way to preserve Japanese history for many years to come.

Rolling Stones by runrunrun

The Ryokan Rakucho Kyoto is one of many budget ryokans in the city, located just north of the city center.  Guests are within easy walking distance of the Golden Pavilion and the Ryoan-ji stone garden.  A half day tour of the sites will leave one focused on Buddhist teachings, as well as Zen thoughts after some quiet reflection.

Capsule Hotel – Not Just for Businessmen

View from Capsule Hotel by atom_balm

Often advertised for the working class of Japan as a way to have a quick nap during the day, the capsule hotel has grown to momentous proportions in Japanese cities.

Locals and tourists flock to these bunk sized rooms for a taste of the unusual.  Although sleeping in a space no larger than a normal person is not for everyone, Capsule Hotels often offer amenities to heighten the experience such as large spa style baths for guests to use to relax after a long day.

One such capsule hotel is The Amenity Hotel, a 15 minute walk from the Gion district on the east side of the city.

Luxury Hotels are Plentiful!

While unusual style accommodations are high on the list for many traveling the world, they are not for everyone.  Luxury hotels in Kyoto are available in all corners of the city, and are perfect for those willing to splurge for comfort and convenience.

Little Monkey by tintsweoo

The Monterey Hotel Kyoto is located in the city center; however those looking for a quick escape out of the city are just a short train ride away from the beautiful Bamboo Forest and Iwatayama Monkey Park on the western outskirts of Kyoto.  Travelers can easily find themselves surrounded by thousands of fully grown bamboo trees in a dense and secluded forest. Hikes up nearby hills provide encounters with almost 180 wild macaques in the wild and additionally, amazing views of the city of Kyoto.

With such a striking varierty of attractions and accommodations within the city, those visiting Kyoto have something to enjoy around every corner.

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Cathy Sweeney says on November 26th, 2010 at 7:53 pm:

Interesting article and comparison of hotels in Kyoto. Would love to go there. I’m quite confident that the capsule hotels are not for me. I welcome unique experiences, but that’s one I’ll pass on.


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