The Diggerland Amusement Park

If you’re looking for a special brand of amusement park, Diggerland is a fun-filled place guaranteed to entertain kids and adults of all ages. The main attractions at Diggerland are construction machinery such as Dump Trucks, Mini JCB Diggers and Giant JCB Diggers. Every aspiring digger or construction worker can enjoy the Diggerland attractions in Kent, County Durham, Castleford, and Devon, England.


The first incarnation was opened in 2000 by Hugh Edeleanu, chairman of the plant-hire company HE Services, when he saw the children of some employees eager to climb one of the company’s machines. Every attraction in the park features real machines, either arranged around small courses or fixed to the ground, with each supervised by trained staff.


The park has a total of 17 different rides, 14 of these being common to all the 4 parks. Every park has its own Stunt Team that operates a show featuring diggers being pushed to their limits in incredible stunts. Diggerland rides include The Robots, The SuperTrack, The Mini Tractors, Land Rover Safari, The Dumper Truck Challenge, The Duck Challenge or Sky Shuttle.


Fasten your seatbelt and experience a thrilling ride in the Spindizzy or take your camera and capture the view in the Sky Shuttle. You can get behind the wheel of the Super Track and drive across the rugged terrain or jump on board the Land Rover Safari and experience a mystery ride. The day can be topped off with a dinner at The Dig Inn and shopping at the Goodie Store.


Entry costs £15 and is free for children under 3. Children must be at least 5 or over to drive (if the ride calls for it), and either 2 or 3 years old to ride. The admission fee includes unlimited numbers of rides and drives on all the real building site diggers and dumpers. Diggerland is open from 10am to 5pm weekends and seven days a week during school holidays.


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