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The Best Sushi in the World: Nobu

The summit of sushi, Nobu has become a global phenomena. Founded in 1994 by Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa in partnership with actor Robert De Niro, the success of Nobu New York led to incarnations in Aspen, Malibu, London, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Tokyo, and recently, the Bahamas. Known for his fusion blends which pair traditional Japanese dishes with South American ingredients, Nobu has become a veritable celebrity chef.

Nobu got his start in Peru and Argentina, before moving to Alaska. On his first day off in three months, his restaurant burned down. Unemployed, he moved to Los Angeles and started from scratch once again. He pioneered the use of soft shell crab and shrimp tempura rolls, both attempts to please the western palate. There, he found a fan in Robert De Niro, who after many repeat visits, kept encouraging him to open a restaurant in New York City. Eventually, he accepted De Niro’s offer - the rest is culinary history.
Nobu YellowtailNobu CrabNobu Blackcod

Now Nobu has become synonymous with high quality sushi and Japanese cuisine. The place became an overnight sensation when it opened, with reservations necessary over six months in advance. However, with the advent of Nobu Next Door and other locations around the world, a customer in New York can be seated right away for lunch. Weekend reservations should still be made well in advance.
Nobu chefsNobu Chefs

A typical meal at Nobu can cost $300 dollars for two people. In cities like London and Tokyo, expect to pay even more. However, the ambiance is second to none, the sushi melts in your mouth, and the cuisine is expertly prepared with attention to every detail. Who knows, you might even sit next to a celebrity. Whatever the case, if you’re a sushi lover, dinner at Nobu is a must. 

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Masahiko Noguchi says on September 15th, 2008 at 12:48 am:

Nobu restaurants are mostly high quality serving restaurants in world widely. I think thsy have about 24 restaurant location today.
We do know NOBU-SAN for over 25 years now. We are also in Los Angeles residence and created an online sushischool with five yrars of
long time development. Now it is one and I would like to everyone to take a look at our sushi-school once. Thank you. Developer

Anthony says on January 16th, 2011 at 4:49 am:

First off!! I must say that I was so excited to finally go to Nobu, it was in Atlantis in the Bahamas!!! I am an average Chef but hold my own!!!! I have one many awards in the super yacht industry!!! cooking for such people as Kate Blanchett, Sean Connery, Tommy lee jones, NBA players and the list goes on…
I myself as well as my friends!!! before the first course finished was so disappointed, I expected so much more!!! The first course of 3 plates, not ordering from the menu asking for the chefs favorites, thinking in would be good, wasn’t, over priced all tasted the same, wasn’t impressed!!! 2 nd course came out 1/3 of the way through starters!!! asked if it was hot or cold even though it shouldn’t have come till after starter!!! told hot, I said!!! so it will be cold by the time I finish not very good starters, told hot, cold by the time I get to it, Waiter tells me don’t bother having mains, after ordered!!! very disappointed, I am a very well respected chef, cooking for Very well respected people, Just finished reading Nobu’s cook book’s, made a few dishes, respected him very highly!! but if that’s what is going on in a respected class chain restaurant, that really should have standard recipes, that if are in place are not followed!! and if they are, my food is ten times better!!!! and I am so upset that I waited so long to try this place after reading some ones book who is so respected by many, hope fully receives this message to kick some ass and clean the place up!!! very professional executive chef, thanks for giving me your time!! but management there needs a kick in the ass!!! even though you only serve tourists, and not return customers!! your standard needs to change fast!!!! you never no who might come through your doors, and if I was Marther Stuart, or th Mr deniro, I would be ashamed!!!!

Thankyou for opening my eyes, to being mislead to someone I looked up to….


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