The Best Singapore Family Blogs of 2013

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As one of the cleanest, greenest and safest countries in the world, Singapore is an ideal place to raise a family, or to visit with young children. The city-state offers an abundance of parks and open spaces such as the Botanic Gardens, as well as numerous child-friendly events and play centres, like those found on Sentosa Island.

As Jonathan Loh from the Singapore Tourism Board told HotelClub, “We’re very proud of the fact that Singapore provides a safe and green city space that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. Travelling to Singapore with children is exciting, as there is so much to do in a close proximity.”

The country is also home to a vibrant community of family bloggers; Singapore-based mums and dads eager to share their unique experiences of family life in the Lion City. In today’s post – the last in our Best Singapore Blog Awards series – we take a look at the best family bloggers out there and discuss why their blogs are so inspiring.

Mother Inc.

Who: Daphne Ling, Mother Inc.

Why?: A sweet and entertaining insight into Singaporean motherhood. Parents will also find lots of practical advice on travelling in Singapore with small children.

Follow: @daphneling
Mother Inc.

Daphne has been running Mother Inc. since 2009, offering witty yet heartfelt posts about raising a young family in Singapore, the irreverent nature of which made her really stand out from many other family bloggers. We really enjoyed her informal and conversational posts about life with three young kids, ranging from articles on the day-to-day trials of motherhood through to write-ups of the many child-friendly activities that Singapore has to offer. Unsurprisingly, Daphne’s candid approach has also earned her a strong following on social media, where she’s more than happy to help out her readers.

“I started out not quite knowing what a blog is or what to do with it. But being a mom to these kids gave me plenty of rad stories to tell and I knew that I had to write them down somewhere before it all became a distant memory of this wild time I once had. And the best way to do it was to tell it like it is – with the good, the awful, the fun, the stressful and all of the crazy. I mean, the posts are pretty much a glimpse into the life of a Singaporean mom. It’s the best gig ever!”

21st Century Mummy

Who: Janine Clements, 21st Century Mummy

Why?: A helpful and candid look at expat life in Singapore, including lots of insider top tips.

Follow: @mummytweets

21st Century Mummy

Having started life as a simple online diary to chronicle her experiences as a first-time expectant mother, the direction of 21st Century Mummy took a turn when Janine Clements emigrated with her family from London to Singapore in 2011. Since then, she’s been offering sage advice to other expats about the trials of relocating, as well as information on what’s on for the expat community in Singapore. In her relatively short time in the blogging space, Janine has made waves online, even getting cited by the Daily Telegraph as one of the best expats to follow on Twitter in 2013.

Janine told us: “I adapted the blog to focus on my new found home, not only so I had a platform for my writing, but also so I could share my experiences and everything I have learnt about life as an expat in Singapore. I used to get regular emails or comments from parents who were considering a move to Singapore but who were worried about what life might be like. Through my blog they can find out the information they need. I’m delighted 21st Century Mummy has been so successful.”

A Happy Mum

Who: Summer Goh, A Happy Mum

Why?: Great advice on how to keep your kids entertained while visiting Singapore.

Follow: @A_Happy_Mum

A Happy Mum

A Happy Mum charts Singaporean Summer Goh’s exciting journey from media professional to full-time mum, demonstrating how motherhood can be just as if not more rewarding than having a successful career. Summer’s well-written and informative blog includes first-hand accounts of family adventures, alongside easy-to-follow crafts projects that she has undertaken, showing you how you can make everything from party invites to hair accessories. There are also videos of her daughters Angel and Ariel growing up, which is something that every new parent can relate to.

Summer told HotelClub: “Kids are only young once, if you miss out on those precious childhood years, they will never come back again. That is the reason why I decided to be a stay-at-home mum and started this blog… Although motherhood comes with the hair-pulling, heart-wrenching moments, there is no other journey that can be as gratifying, fulfilling and rewarding… A Happy Mum is a place where I chronicle my motherhood journey, share parenting tips and spread the joy of being a mum in the hope of inspiring more people out there to discover the hidden wonders of this amazing journey.”

Mama Wear Papa Shirt

Who: June Yong, Mama Wear Papa Shirt

Why?: For extensive tips on raising kids in Singapore, and how to occupy them when holidaying in the Lion City.

Follow: @yjune

Mama Wear Papa Shirt

June began Mama Wear Papa Shirt in 2011, “with a simple desire to share my parenting experiences and everyday lessons with others in the hope that they may touch someone else somewhere somehow.” And, she has certainly done that, with her blog overflowing with all that she has learnt during her time as a parent thus far, including tips on all facets of raising kids, and recommendations and reviews of family activities in Singapore. Check out the popular Little Lessons series of posts for a taste of what Mama Wear Papa Shirt is all about. Kudos to June also for keeping up with her blog having only just given birth to her third child, Joshua, before Christmas. Keep up the good work, June!

June told HotelClub: “Life with two pre-schoolers and a new-born can get pretty crazy, but there’s definitely no lack of fun and side-splitting moments, not to mention the struggles and countless mistakes made. In many ways, I’m glad to be able to capture all these down in one place. It helps me to stay sane, gain perspective, and one day when the kids are older, we’ll all be able to sit down and have a good laugh reading all these precious memories!”

Our Little Smarties

Who: Emily, Our Little Smarties

Why?: For a thorough and broad look at what goes into raising a family in Singapore.

Follow: @emily_new

Our Little Smarties

Our Little Smarties began life as a means for Emily to chart her son Edison’s progress, though in the ensuing years it has become so much more than that. From the trials and tribulations of being a parent and raising a young family to wider aspects of Singaporean life, Emily’s blog covers it all. We found her recent coverage of Edison’s move up to Primary One particularly entertaining, sparking a wave of nostalgia amongst the HotelClub team about the dreaded first day at big school!

Emily told HotelClub: “Raising a family in Singapore has become increasingly tough because of its competitive and high-cost environment. Many of us parents often feel overwhelmed juggling family responsibilities, a full-time job and a personal life. Nonetheless, there is something that motivates us and keeps us moving. That’s the LOVE for our children. My son is my future. He’s my dream, my hope, and my aspiration.”

A Dollop of Me

Who: Corsage, A Dollop of Me

Why?: Great advice for visitors with families.

Follow: @ADollopOfMe

A Dollop of Me

A Dollop of Me is one of the most inspiring resources for getting ideas on things to do with your family in Singapore. From children’s gym classes to days spent at home reading books, Corsage charts her personal journey through parenthood, in the form of beautifully-written blog posts featuring her two children, Bun and Bubbles. This long-running and much-loved resource offers new insights into family life in the city-state.

Corsage said: “I feel privileged to be raising my two children in Singapore… we are blessed to be living in a place that is safe and easy to get around, in the midst of old and new, familiar and different. There is always somewhere to go and do something, as well as places to do nothing and just be. We enjoy exploring with each free weekend, poking our four noses into places and experiences new to us. When there is an itch to go a little further, it is convenient to just hop into a car to drive up north to Malaysia.”

If you would like to find out more about travelling to Singapore with young children, be sure to check out our other post, 5 Adventurous Reasons to Travel to Singapore with Your Kids, to uncover the city’s most adventurous child-friendly highlights!

4 Comments for "The Best Singapore Family Blogs of 2013"

21st Century Mummy says on January 24th, 2014 at 2:29 am:

All great bloggers. Thanks so much for including mine!

Summer says on January 24th, 2014 at 5:23 pm:

This is such a well-written and thoughtful article! I can see the effort you make into exploring each and every blog to come up with such apt and unique descriptions. It’s my pleasure and honour to make it into the list! Thanks for placing me alongside all the awesome family bloggers!

Nehal Kulshrestha says on April 3rd, 2014 at 9:20 pm:

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Nehal Kulshrestha says on April 3rd, 2014 at 9:21 pm:

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