The 7 Weirdest Bars and Restaurants in Tokyo

If there’s one city in the world that puts all others to shame, at least as far as eccentric establishments are concerned, it must be Tokyo. Japan’s capital hosts an impressive array of offbeat bars and restaurants, ranging from cool and interesting to morbid and bizarre. But they all have one thing in common, and that is originality.

Kagaya Pub

Dubbed by many ‘the craziest restaurant in Tokyo’ Kagaya Restaurant was made famous by the over-the-top performance of its owner, Mark Kagaya. He always surprises his customers by presenting them the menu through a puppet show and serving them dressed in funny costumes.

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Mark Kagaya’s acting often involves lots of screaming and jumping around, and it may be a bit too much, if you’re the conservative type, but his effervescence made Kagaya Restaurant one of the most popular restaurants in Tokyo, especially for ‘gaijins’.

Christon Café

Tokyo is probably the only place on Earth where you can find a religious-themed restaurant that concentrates on Christianity, without being blasphemous. Christon Café isn’t a safe heaven for the 1%-6% of Japanese Christians, but more of a favorite chill-out spot for Gothic Lolitas.

Stained glass windows, medieval altars, gargoyles, organs and even genuine Christian artifacts and paintings are all part of the décor at Christon Café. This offbeat establishment features bizarre dishes like ‘Small Devil’ or ‘God-hand-made Hamburger’ and accepts sinners too.

Tokyo Icebar

The Icebar concept was introduced in Tokyo by the people behind the famous Icehotel, in Sweden. They probably realized many Tokyo hotels are even more unusual and decided to conquer the city with something new.

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It’s made out of blocks of ice brought in from the same Jukkasjarvi that supplies building material for the Swedish Icehotel. Tokyo’s Icebar offers an impressive array of ice sculptures and delicious cocktails served in genuine ice glasses.

Alcatraz ER

A weird combination between a hospital, a prison and a medieval dungeon, Alcatraz ER has established itself as one of Tokyo’s modern landmarks. You simply can’t leave Nippon’s capital without at least drinking a cocktail out of a giant syringe or eating out of surgery trays.

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To enter Alcatraz ER you have to enter your blood type and let the staff know if you’re suffering from any illnesses or simple heartache, so they know what “medicine” to give you. Visitors are taken to their cells, handcuffed by cute nurses and invited to enjoy their meals and drinks, while a guy wearing a Jason mask runs around the corridors trying to freak them out.

Office Bar

In their constant struggle to make Tokyo the offbeat capital of the world, the Japanese came up with the idea of opening an office themed bar. Located on the 5th floor of a building right above Gaienmae station, Office Bar very much resembles an office building.

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Chairs are shaped like filling cabinets, tables are styled like big desks, with drawers full of pens, A4 paper and other office accessories, and there is even a photocopier and fax machine. Office must gave been designed so the unemployed could see what a workspace looks like, because I can’t imagine why someone who just left the office would have a drink in another office.

Vampire Café

No, blood isn’t on the menu, but you can see plenty of it splattered around the floors and walls. Vampire Café is another one of Tokyo’s goth restaurants, completed with crucifixes, skulls, spiders and even full-size Dracula coffins.

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The naughty waitresses wear French maid outfits, and some of the dishes are served in small coffins, or in the shape of a cross. One of the most expensive restaurants in Tokyo, Vampire Café is worth it if only for the bizarre factor.

Alice in Wonderland

Based on Lewis Clarke’s popular story, Alice in Wonderland is one of the coolest, most unusual restaurants in Tokyo. It features psychedelic decorations, waitresses dressed in Alice costumes and a crazy selection of delicious cocktails and wines.

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Alice in Wonderland is particularly popular within the Gothic Lolita culture, but moderate prices and cool dishes like “Eat Me” currant cake and “Tea Party” drinks make this eccentric establishment worth visiting by everyone.

So there you have it, the most offbeat bars and restaurants in Tokyo. And if you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, hotels in Tokyo can be pretty unusual too. But we’ll look into that in one of our future posts.

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