Bali and Thailand’s Best Wedding Destinations

    With the cost of tying the knot averaging $50,000, it’s little wonder that many couples are opting for destination weddings over more traditional affairs. Combining your wedding and honeymoon can save your budget and your blood pressure. That said, you want to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable venue or your dream wedding could […]

    Best April Festivals in the World

    We gushed over March’s global festival offerings a scant for weeks ago but, now, faced with April’s heady tidings, we’re champing at the bit. April begins by making fools out of us all but the month where seasons pivot and turn is a gamechanger in terms of events, festivals and processions the world over. We’ve […]

    Our Favourite Secret Beaches in Asia Pacific

    While we’re well aware that entitling this post the way we did let’s the proverbial cat out of the bag, these ten truly remarkable beaches still have a clandestine quality about them. Even, we should add, as we extol their virtues to the world. From Southeast Asia to Western Australia, discover ten hidden gems well […]

    Best Dive Spots in Asia Pacific

    Strap on your scuba set and grab that underwater camera – we’re about to plunge into the top dive sites on the planet.

    10 Important Bird Areas in Asia Pacific

    This one is truly for the birds. Now, you can watch birds or you can watch birds. If you ever plan to undertake a second career as a birder (and it can feel like a second career for enthusiasts), you need to get with BirdLife International. The global network of conservation organisations publishes the popular […]

    Extraordinary Wildlife Refuges in Asia

    We yearn for Asia’s big, busy, brassy capitals but, once in a good while, we long for escape from the urban hustle bustle. This is where the continent’s extraordinary wildlife refuges come in. Discover ten of the very best.

    Best and Worst Holiday Hooch

    I read an amusing article on the Internet the other day which stated that most people travel to other countries in order to take time off from work, spend time with their family or to explore a new culture. I thought this a little strange. We all know the real reason we go on holiday […]