New Must-See Architecture in China

    The Great Wall. The Forbidden City. Ancient City of Ping Yao. Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor. Historic Monuments of Dengfeng. Yes, indeed, China has a laundry list of ancient architectural icons. The new architectural landscape of the People’s Republic, however, may yet produce more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than the Ming Dynasty. And this […]

    Most Romantic Restaurants in Asia Pacific

    Saint Valentine, or, as his mates called him, Valentinus, expired way back in the year 269 (ish) but we’re willing to bet he would’ve given these spectacularly romantic and splurge-worthy restaurants in Asia Pacific a hefty stamp of approval. Because word has it ol’ Val seldom saw a prix fixe menu he didn’t like. Now […]

    Best Nightclubs in Asia

    Other than at the height of the Mughal Empire perhaps, there has never been a better time to party in Asia. From Makati to Mumbai, nightclubs are swankier and more sophisticated than ever and are starting to approach, if not eclipse, counterparts in the likes of New York City, Miami and London. With that, here […]

    10 Noteworthy Noodle Shops in Asia

    Noodles. The ultimate world comfort food, noodles transcend cultures as far-flung as the Balkans and Central Asia. But in foremost culinary capitals like Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Tokyo and Bangkok, this staple comestible borders on the sublime. With that, discover thirteen shops in Asia that serve up drool-worthy noodle bliss.

    New Architecture to Look Forward to in 2013

    We live for ambitious architectural efforts – ones that aspire, inspire and dare to make us look at skyscrapers, museums and sundry civic projects with a critical eye. Take a look at eleven of the most charismatic and dramatic ventures in architecture in 2013.

    Best Fake Tourist Destinations in the World

    Why travel halfway around the world when the world can come to you? This, apparently, is the logic behind the latest trend in domestic tourism: “fake” tourist destinations. Dubai, to cite one prominent example, is well on the way to a full-size replica of the Taj Mahal. India has plans to mimic Cambodia‚Äôs Angkor Wat […]

    Best Places to Propose

    When the time comes to ask the love of your life the big question, ambiance and environs counts for a lot. With that, discover ten of the best places in the world to propose.

    Experience the 1950s in Asia Pacific

    We may have been born decades after the 1950s but sometimes we long for the era of pencil skirts, Teddy boys, Bodgies and Widgies. Thankfully, a few places can still transport us there.