San Francisco

    10 places to stop over on your stopover

    A stopover isn’t a stopover unless you stop over (geddit?!!?). So if you’re the kind of traveller who’s inclined to do more than just find an airport lounger to fall asleep on in between flights, check out our 10 best destinations to make the most of your stopover. Vancouver Airport: Vancouver International Airport Vancouver has […]

    Top 12 US holiday songs

    No place on earth inspires musicians like the 50 states of the USA. Artists as varied as The Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga and The Beach Boys have all sung its praises. And its easy to see why. From California’s sun-kissed coastline to NYC’s throbbing heartbeat, the States is a truly diverse destination. Hundreds of songs […]

    12 Luxury US hotels

    No holiday destination has an array of luxury hotels quite like the US, a country that prides itself on doing it bigger and better than anywhere else on the planet. From rooftop plunge pools in Las Vegas to whale watching on your own private patio in Hawaii, check out our top 12 luxury hotels in […]

    Top 8 Hipster Hoods in the World

    Is the enigmatic subculture of hipsterdom past prime? A valid query, surely, when the likes of Forbes see fit to run manipulative, search-engine-happy, multi-page articles on the most hipster-dense places in America (hint: Portland and Austin made the cut). But such is the nature of a cross-cultural juggernaut (virus?) like hipsterism, which lives on with […]

    10 Great Escapes for 2013

    To coincide with HotelClub’s Great Escapes Sale (where you can save up to 50% off global hotels) and the departure of another calendar year, we took it upon ourselves to compile a list of ten choice getaways for 2013.

    10 Famous Local Brews

    Cheers, santé, salud, gun bae! Time to raise a glass to ten of the most famous local brews in the world.

    Best Hotel Gyms in the World

    You have to be in good shape to take on a world-class city like San Francisco, Munich or Tokyo. A classy hotel gym can help you feel the burn and, indeed, burn off those holiday kilos before you return home. With that, discover a lucky thirteen top-shelf hotel fitness centres.

    Most Avant-Garde Airport Terminals in the World

    First-class airports: they make the rigors of long-distance travel that much more palatable. Sadly, too few make the cut when it comes to logistical proficiency. Efficiency is nice but it helps, too, to look good, which these airport terminals all pull off with aplomb.