New Zealand

    The World’s Best Underground Attractions

    Most cautious travellers adhere to the old horror movie adage ‘Don’t go into the cellar’ when it comes to heading underground. Only bad things can happen when you’re beneath ground level, right? Not so. For the more adventurous, heading deep into the earth when on your travels can bring big rewards (or at least something […]

    Autumn Fun in New Zealand

    Autumn endures roughly from March to May in New Zealand and ushers in the best weather in the country. The season is notable as harvest time, of course, from vineyards to orchards to farmers’ markets. It is a time to visit places like Hawke’s Bay, where the lush Heretaunga plains and warm sunshine work in […]

    Best Rural Hotels in New Zealand

    We’re suckers for the urban charms of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin but we’re also not blind to the fact that trips to New Zealand that exclude the countryside and wilderness are inherently incomplete. Consider this top ten an incentive, then, to lure you to brilliant Kiwi fjords, glaciers, forests, vineyards, mountains and coastal enclaves.

    Our Favourite Secret Beaches in Asia Pacific

    While we’re well aware that entitling this post the way we did let’s the proverbial cat out of the bag, these ten truly remarkable beaches still have a clandestine quality about them. Even, we should add, as we extol their virtues to the world. From Southeast Asia to Western Australia, discover ten hidden gems well […]

    New Zealand: The Most Anticipated Events of 2013

    Whether for food and wine, adventure and sport or music and culture, New Zealand has it all on tap in 2013 – most notably this summer and autumn. With that, get the scoop on some of the best events and festivals from Southland to Northland.

    Best Dive Spots in Asia Pacific

    Strap on your scuba set and grab that underwater camera – we’re about to plunge into the top dive sites on the planet.

    Cool and Unusual Homes in Asia Pacific

    Asia Pacific has a multitude of brilliant skyscrapers, temples and monuments but what about private homes? We dug deep and hit on ten that evoke the kind of architectural sensibility that wins awards.

    Climb Mountains in Australia and New Zealand

    The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and SkyJump off Auckland’s Sky Tower are two of the most extraordinary pulse-quickening experiences for urban adrenaline fiends. But what if you want to climb something in Oceania not made of steel and concrete? No worries. Both Australia and New Zealand serve up a range (pun intended) of awesome climbing […]