Los Angeles

    12 Luxury US hotels

    No holiday destination has an array of luxury hotels quite like the US, a country that prides itself on doing it bigger and better than anywhere else on the planet. From rooftop plunge pools in Las Vegas to whale watching on your own private patio in Hawaii, check out our top 12 luxury hotels in […]

    Coachella Promo 2013

    Coachella, one of the pillar arts and music festivals in the world, gets underway in the California desert outside of Los Angeles in two weeks. This innovative clip is the perfect tune-up. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video Los Angeles City Guide

    Best April Festivals in the World

    We gushed over March’s global festival offerings a scant for weeks ago but, now, faced with April’s heady tidings, we’re champing at the bit. April begins by making fools out of us all but the month where seasons pivot and turn is a gamechanger in terms of events, festivals and processions the world over. We’ve […]

    Los Angeles Time Lapse

    We may not be able to show you any awards show footage from Hollywood’s big event last night – not legally anyway – but what we can offer is actually a little more interesting as far as travelling is concerned. Yes, it’s about that time again – a time lapse clip, City of Angels style. […]

    12 Oscars Hot Spots in Los Angeles

    The 85th Academy Awards take place this Sunday, February 24 and the big question on everyone’s minds – other than whether host Seth MacFarlane will out-offensive Ricky Gervais – is: where the party at? We, so in the know as usual, may just have a few ideas. With that, discover twelve top L.A. hot spots […]

    Weird and Wonderful Vending Machines Around the World

    They provide us with tabloid newspapers, second-rate coffee, fatty, salty, sugary bites in a pinch and, yes, when the occasion calls for it, contraception. Ah, vending machines. Is there anything they can’t do? Perhaps more aptly, the question is, is there anything they can’t package, stuff into and sell from a vending machine? As we […]

    12 Tourist Traps Disguised as Local Treasures

    City tourism bureaus and slaphappy locals exhort us to see ’em. Yet, somewhere deep, deep down inside, our inner traveller whispers a different tune. Word to the wise: always listen to your inner traveller.

    Best Hotel Gyms in the World

    You have to be in good shape to take on a world-class city like San Francisco, Munich or Tokyo. A classy hotel gym can help you feel the burn and, indeed, burn off those holiday kilos before you return home. With that, discover a lucky thirteen top-shelf hotel fitness centres.