Las Vegas

    12 Luxury US hotels

    No holiday destination has an array of luxury hotels quite like the US, a country that prides itself on doing it bigger and better than anywhere else on the planet. From rooftop plunge pools in Las Vegas to whale watching on your own private patio in Hawaii, check out our top 12 luxury hotels in […]

    7 Quirky Stops in Las Vegas

    Does Las Vegas have a whacky side? You bet! Nearly 40 million people visit Las Vegas annually, with the Vegas ‘Strip’ the third or fourth most popular tourist attraction in the world. And there’s a planet-load of gambling/entertainment/replica buildings, all brightly wrapped in neon, to “Awwwwwwe” you. However, an even brighter idea (sorry, bad pun) […]

    4 Trips That Changed the World

    How many times have you had a friend come back from a long trip and say: “I feel like a changed person”? It’s a common tune for travellers who have been away for a sustained period of time and the reason a lot of us like to get away from it all in the first […]

    48 Hours in Las Vegas

    Whether on a layover, for a bucks or hens party, a convention or a short divergence from Los Angeles, one can do a lot of damage in Sin City in just 48 hours. As we shall see, Las Vegas is one place that rewards brief stays. With that, discover the skinny on how to operate […]

    Best Fake Tourist Destinations in the World

    Why travel halfway around the world when the world can come to you? This, apparently, is the logic behind the latest trend in domestic tourism: “fake” tourist destinations. Dubai, to cite one prominent example, is well on the way to a full-size replica of the Taj Mahal. India has plans to mimic Cambodia’s Angkor Wat […]

    Best Hotel Gyms in the World

    You have to be in good shape to take on a world-class city like San Francisco, Munich or Tokyo. A classy hotel gym can help you feel the burn and, indeed, burn off those holiday kilos before you return home. With that, discover a lucky thirteen top-shelf hotel fitness centres.

    Best James Bond Hotels in the World

    With Skyfall, the twenty-third film in the James Bond spy franchise, in mid boffo box office form in this, the 50th anniversary year of the classic Dr. No, the time is ripe for a look at how to travel 007-style. Think of this list, then, as a licence to thrill.

    Best New Year’s Celebrations Around the World

    Since we happen to find ourselves in the homestretch of another year, we thought it only appropriate to look at our favourite places in the world to ring in the new one. Here, then, are ten spots to belt out “Auld Lang Syne”.