Step into the great shoe shops of Europe

    Italy, Germany or Spain? Where can shoppers find an amazing treat for their feet? Yes, I know, when one thinks of fashion, one thinks of Paris. But, hey, there’s some amazing wonders, that’ll tickle your pinkies, to be found in other surrounding countries as well. When in Italy… Once arriving in Florence, we needed a […]

    Tips to Stay Fit on Your Holiday

    For many, the thought of keeping fit on a holiday is like taking a vow of abstinence during Oktoberfest or leaving your credit card at home during New York Fashion Week. Sure, getting all hot and sweaty might seem like a bit too much effort when you’re meant to be relaxing, but there are tons […]

    2012 Alba International White Truffle Fair

    Kilo for kilo it is one of the most expensive foodstuffs in the world. The white truffle, or Alba madonna, is uniquely prized among chefs and restaurateurs. Whether beluga caviar or civet coffee, few ingredients occupy a more elevated echelon in the gourmet larder. Astronomical sums, such as $160,406 USD in the case of one […]

    Top 10 Ultimate Road Trips

    How can we possibly whittle the sum of epic road trips this planet has to offer into a list that approximates the “best”? Well, sort of like this we can. Richtersveld, South Africa – Photo credit Route 66 Distance: 3,945 km As the primogenitor of the road trip and the modern highway system, the United […]

    The Valuable Hidden Gems of Venice

    There is just no city like it is a phrase we use liberally in these parts and, more often than not, accurately so. It stands to reason, after all, that every city is singular in some way. If that is so, however, we can surely declare Venice to be singularly special. How to sum up […]