Hong Kong

    Here’s where the locals go to eat in Hong Kong

    One of the best ways to truly immerse yourself in a new city is to indulge in traditional fare. Put simply, eat what (and where) the locals eat. Known colloquially as Asia’s most colourful city, Hong Kong is also a veritable trove of culinary delights – and as such, the best place to indulge in […]

    Hong Kong – The Gourmet’s Guide

    There is no place quite like Hong Kong. This eastern oasis boasts a remarkable density of restaurants, ranging from little known hole-in-the-wall jewels to top Michelin-starred establishments where reservations must be made weeks in advance. Hong Kong’s unique position as an independently governed city-state within China has allowed it to develop a distinct culture, cuisine, […]

    10 places to stop over on your stopover

    A stopover isn’t a stopover unless you stop over (geddit?!!?). So if you’re the kind of traveller who’s inclined to do more than just find an airport lounger to fall asleep on in between flights, check out our 10 best destinations to make the most of your stopover. Vancouver Airport: Vancouver International Airport Vancouver has […]

    Interview with Paul Orlando, Hong Kong’s Global Startup Expert

    Startups need all the help they can get. So when someone like Paul Orlando comes around, offering expert advice and critical resources, it is a rare treat for entrepreneurs and their budding businesses. With first-hand experience founding a New York startup and working with lots of other founders, Paul has a wealth of insight to […]

    Is Hong Kong the New Tech Hub of China?

    By now, it’s more-or-less inevitable that China will become Asia’s next major tech hub. With a bigger workforce than anywhere else on Earth, the country is currently being fought over by many of tech’s giants, hoping to secure a slice of this emerging mega-market. But where is this coming tech explosion going to take place? […]

    Best Bars in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong’s brilliant bar scene is one of the city’s most under-the-radar characteristics. Come with us as we visit ten of the best.

    Most Romantic Restaurants in Asia Pacific

    Saint Valentine, or, as his mates called him, Valentinus, expired way back in the year 269 (ish) but we’re willing to bet he would’ve given these spectacularly romantic and splurge-worthy restaurants in Asia Pacific a hefty stamp of approval. Because word has it ol’ Val seldom saw a prix fixe menu he didn’t like. Now […]