The World’s Best Underground Attractions

    Most cautious travellers adhere to the old horror movie adage ‘Don’t go into the cellar’ when it comes to heading underground. Only bad things can happen when you’re beneath ground level, right? Not so. For the more adventurous, heading deep into the earth when on your travels can bring big rewards (or at least something […]

    Best Surf School Destinations in the World

    It probably makes more bucket lists than any other sport in the world, outside of camel polo. After all, there is just no way you can look at a bloke like Kelly Slater (most successful pro surfer in history) and not say, “That looks like good times – I need to try that sometime.” These […]

    Best and Worst Holiday Hooch

    I read an amusing article on the Internet the other day which stated that most people travel to other countries in order to take time off from work, spend time with their family or to explore a new culture. I thought this a little strange. We all know the real reason we go on holiday […]

    10 Terrific Pastry Shops in France

    Bread, chocolates, confections, pastries: we can’t possibly think of four better reasons to visit France. From iconic giants of pâtisserie to hole-in-the-wall gems, check out ten of our favourite pastry shops in France.

    France: Top Spots to Celebrate Bastille Day

    La Fête Nationale. Le quatorze juillet. Bastille Day. Whatever you call it, the National Day of France offers a wonderful and auspicious occasion to be in la république française in summer. From the singular alpha global capital of Paris, where the Eiffel Tower fans patriotic flames, to World Heritage gems like Lyon and Bordeaux, discover […]

    Tour de France 2012: Best Places to Watch the Peloton

    From Saturday, June 30 to Sunday, July 22, the ultimate bicycle race will cover a tidy 3,497 kilometres, feature 18 teams, lure tens of thousands of spectators and draw a worldwide television audience in the tens of millions. The Tour de France provides a terrific opportunity to see parts of France and, indeed, the likes […]

    Go Locavore in France

    The now-ubiquitous maxim “eat local” has no viable translation in French. Prowl .fr food blogs and the label “locavore” barely registers on the radar. Quel dommage! Or is it? The truth is that, from Bayonne to Lille and mass adoption of negligible American-style habits aside, the French eat local as a matter of cultural practice. […]

    Chic Paris Street Style

    Paris and style, Paris and fashion. Aside from all that City of Love stuff, two labels that best define the cosmopolitan capital of France. Yet while Fashion Weeks at Carrousel du Louvre lure Vogue editors from New York City to Tokyo and garner abundant buzz, the biannual events hardly sum up the whole Paris style […]