A foodie weekend at River Cottage

    When it comes to top-notch grub, the River Cottage Cookery School has it nailed. Tucked away in the achingly gorgeous English county of Devon, the cookery school of celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall fame offers hands-on cooking classes for cooks wanting to sharpen their skills. Lasting from one to four days, their courses focus on local, […]

    Most Pedestrian Friendly Towns in the UK

    The United Kingdom is known as a sanctuary for ramblers, traipsers and trampers but some destinations do better than others. With that, discover ten of our favourite pedestrian friendly towns in the UK.

    The Best of Gravesite Tourism

    Monuments to the dead may not strike everyone as the most worthwhile of tourist attractions but tell that to fans of Elvis Presley or Jim Morrison. While some spots exclusively inter the famous, infamous and powerful, most big city boneyards, from the Magnificent Seven of London to Montparnasse and Montmartre in Paris, hold multiple remains […]

    Best Extreme Sports Destinations

    Thrills, spills, chills. Our favourite destinations for extreme sports satisfy our inner adrenaline junkie and put us in the mood for a holiday on the edge.

    United Kingdom: A Weekend in Cambridge

    Is Cambridge 60 miles or 60 light-years from London? To embark on the trip from Leicester Square (Piccadilly Line to Kings Cross, Great Northern Route towards Kings Lynn) is to hurdle oneself into a veritable time warp, all the way back to the august era of the noble university city. Oxford may be older and […]

    Road Trip: Superb Small Towns in the United Kingdom

    As per the usual scenario, our modus operandi at HotelClub is to let you, the traveller, off the hook with as little work, fuss, muss and research as possible. Our rundown of the most picture postcard perfect hamlets in the United Kingdom is a good example. With this stellar list your itinerary is done. All […]

    Lincoln Christmas Market 2011

    Think Germany corners the market on Christmas markets? Well, you may have a point. Still, other parts of Europe take part in the venerable tradition throughout the month of December. Take the small East Midlands cathedral city of Lincoln for instance. Just three hours north of London, the county town of Lincolnshire puts on a […]

    United Kingdom: London vs. Manchester

    While we loathe facile city juxtapositions (and are loth to make them as a result), surely there is some merit to a city-off between a premier capital and a second city also-ran. Presumably, after all, people on either side of the divide will forever debate the pros and cons of a Sydney and Melbourne, New […]