10 places to stop over on your stopover

    A stopover isn’t a stopover unless you stop over (geddit?!!?). So if you’re the kind of traveller who’s inclined to do more than just find an airport lounger to fall asleep on in between flights, check out our 10 best destinations to make the most of your stopover. Vancouver Airport: Vancouver International Airport Vancouver has […]

    10 Splashy New Mosques Around the World

    With Europe’s grand cathedrals in sundry states of decay and barely a one less than a century old, it may occur to some architecture buffs that when it comes to spiritual sites, mosques occupy the new frontier of the avant-garde. And while Islamic architecture and mosques, like almost any faiths or temple constructions, impose certain […]

    New Architecture to Look Forward to in 2013

    We live for ambitious architectural efforts – ones that aspire, inspire and dare to make us look at skyscrapers, museums and sundry civic projects with a critical eye. Take a look at eleven of the most charismatic and dramatic ventures in architecture in 2013.

    Best Hotel Gyms in the World

    You have to be in good shape to take on a world-class city like San Francisco, Munich or Tokyo. A classy hotel gym can help you feel the burn and, indeed, burn off those holiday kilos before you return home. With that, discover a lucky thirteen top-shelf hotel fitness centres.

    Best Pay-In Airport Lounges

    Pay-in airport lounges allow us, the non-first-class frequent flyer, to indulge in some pre-departure, layover largesse. So, excuse us, but while you slump miserably at the gate in a stupor, we will be in the nap room with a massage therapist.

    Asia: 4 Marvelously Modern Cities

    There are few terms more loaded and clichéd when applied to places, countries and cities, than ‘modern’. Every travel writer has to face the music now and then ask: “What am I really talking about when I describe a destination as inherently ‘modern’?” Well, in the case of this forward-looking foursome, we’re talking about prodigious […]

    At The Top of Burj Khalifa

    To accomapny our recent look at the most prominent skylines in the world and as a quasi-sequel to our look at One World Trade Center last week, we thought a glimpse of life at the top of the tallest tower of them all was in order. At 829.84 metres, Burj Khalifa is the tallest manmade […]