Interview with Paul Orlando, Hong Kong’s Global Startup Expert

    Startups need all the help they can get. So when someone like Paul Orlando comes around, offering expert advice and critical resources, it is a rare treat for entrepreneurs and their budding businesses. With first-hand experience founding a New York startup and working with lots of other founders, Paul has a wealth of insight to […]

    10 Must-See Holy Cities in Asia

    A holy city transcends mere religion or even spirituality. At its core, a venerable holy place provides magnificent insights into other cultures and traditions. Count these ten among the best of the best.

    New Must-See Architecture in China

    The Great Wall. The Forbidden City. Ancient City of Ping Yao. Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor. Historic Monuments of Dengfeng. Yes, indeed, China has a laundry list of ancient architectural icons. The new architectural landscape of the People’s Republic, however, may yet produce more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than the Ming Dynasty. And this […]

    Lil Buck Goes to China

    Lil Buck is a new star on the contemporary dance scene. The dance for which he is famous, however, is no ordinary form but “jookin”. The dance originated in the streets of Memphis in the 1990s but what Lil Buck has done is popularise and take the genre to a different stratosphere altogether – most […]

    Extraordinary Wildlife Refuges in Asia

    We yearn for Asia’s big, busy, brassy capitals but, once in a good while, we long for escape from the urban hustle bustle. This is where the continent’s extraordinary wildlife refuges come in. Discover ten of the very best.

    Asia: Famous Places, Famous Drinks

    A stiff drink tastes different while on holiday, especially if you dip into the local still, so to speak. Check out eight popular destinations in Asia that churn out popular tipples.

    Get Outdoors in Hong Kong

    Think Hong Kong is all about shiny malls, feverish markets and world-record skyscrapers? Think again! The population density poster child is also a terrific place to experience the great outdoors.

    10 Things You Didn’t Know About Macau

    A former Portuguese colony and hub of casino resort tourism. Think you know all about Macau? Drill down a little deeper with some curious facts about the Pearl River Delta sparkplug.