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Sydney’s Biggest Tourist Traps

Sydney is Australia’s largest city and one of the most multicultural cities on the continent. Being world famous for its commerce, arts, fashion, culture, entertainment and education achievements, Sydney is a must-see for all overseas tourists. But just as all other large and famous cities from around the world, Sydney has some tourist traps that you’d better be aware of.

Overpriced shops in the downtown

QVB and Center Point Shopping are usually packed with international tourist crowds everyday. Although the variety is quite satisfying, the high prices are also common. The Pitt Street Mall is the best option for shopping downtown, the locals say. Moreover, if you’re into shopping and you have a tight budget, try the shopping malls outside the city city center: Westfield, Bondi Junction, Chatswood and Hornsby. hey are all reachable by train.

Expensive souvenirs

In Sydney, all the souvenirs shops will advertise as being the cheapest in town. You can sometimes find the same souvenir being several dollars cheaper in another store than the one you’re in. So take a tour of the souvenir shops before buying. Also, keep in mind that on George Street you can find the cheapest gifts in town. And don’t even think about postponing the souvenir shopping until you get in the airport, the prices here are insanely high.

Tourist ferries

Once you get in the harbor you’ll be tempted to try some special tourist ferries or some jet tours around the dock. Besides the unjustifiable high price, they’re nothing different than the regular public ferries you can take to a regular destination.

The Rocks

The place of an impressive number of heritage buildings that attest the existence of a thriving port community, full of sailor clothes stores, can be considered a real tourist trap, especially during the weekly Rocks Markets. If you get in the area, ignore the outrageous priced souvenirs and enjoy the German pubs in the area. The Paddington Markets are a great alternative if you enjoy the street market.

Centerpoint/AMP Tower

Categorized as a must-see attraction in Sydney in almost all the brochures, the view of the city will cost you $25 if you’re planning to see the city from inside the tower or $65 if you want to take in some air on the roof of the tower. For a panoramic view over Sydney, try the rotating Summit Restaurant and Orbit Bar at Australia Square.

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2 Comments for "Sydney’s Biggest Tourist Traps"

Simon Food Favourites says on February 5th, 2010 at 1:50 am:

i guess every major city and even small cities and towns have their tourist traps. generally wherever the tourists are then that’s where the rip offs are :-)

Suannie says on March 1st, 2010 at 10:54 pm:

Thanks for the tips. Would make our stay alot more fun and save some $ to have even more fun


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