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Sydney vs Melbourne Rivalry

The Sydney vs Melbourne rivalry only seems to grow more intense each day. But what is it really all about? It’s obviously about more than just football and beaches. We decided to delve into the differences between Australia’s two biggest cities. Some of these comparisons you might find surprising, others you might have already stowed in your arsenal long ago.

Did you know that :

On average, Sydney in fact gets twice as much rain as Melbourne, although this year might push those averages out even further.

The average wage in Sydney is higher than Melbourne and as a bonus both beer and coffee are cheaper.

Melbourne has a better and cheaper public transport system but overall customer satisfaction is lower than Sydney.

Melbourne’s nightlife and bar scene is far better than Sydney’s but did you know Sydney won more awards in the latest Australian Good Food Awards than Melbourne.

Sydney gets far more tourism than Melbourne but on average a hotel room will set you back $20/night less than in Sydney.

What’s your take? Have you visited your frenemy lately?

As these 2 Aussie cities attract visitors from all over the world, this infographic has also been translated in the following languages:

Melbourne vs Sydney - Infographic