The 9 Strangest (yet Artistic) Hotel Rooms in the World

We’ve all had strange hotel experiences. Perhaps you’ve walked into what you thought was going to be a luxury resort to find yourself crammed into a room that reminded you more of a closet. Maybe you thought there would be a gorgeous pool only to find a sludge pit that hadn’t been drained, filtered, or refilled in years. Regardless of your strange experience, we guarantee you’ve never seen a hotel room quite as astounding as these. They’re weird, they’re a bit creepy, and – most important – they give the concept of an artistic hotel room an entirely new meaning.

9. The Library Hotel – New York City, New York

The Library Hotel

Image credit: The Shopping Sherpa

We’ve heard of stylish and sophisticated hotels but we were shocked to see a hotel modeled completely after a library. No matter where you turn, whether in the lobby or in the rooms themselves, the Library Hotel in New York City will greet you with walls full of books. We’re not 100% sure but we think there’s even an old fashioned card catalog behind the lobby desk.

8. The Arte Luise Kunsthotel – Berlin, Germany

Arte Luise Kunsthotel

Image credit: Arte Luise Kunsthotel

We don’t have a ton of information about every room in this incredible hotel, but we can tell you this – each one was created by a different artist. Some have very strange and abstract themes while others are contemporary, whimsical, or just plain weird. The cool thing about this hotel is that the artists get a cut every time someone stays in the rooms they’ve created.

7. The Vampire Room – Propeller Island Hotel (Berlin, Germany)

The Vampire Room

Image credit: Propeller Island Hotel

Another favorite at the Propeller Island Hotel is the vampire room. Inside you’ll find a couple of comfortably lined coffins (with handrails to help you in and out. You know you’ve always wondered if a coffin would really be a comfortable place to sleep and now you can find out for yourself. Want to stay in a hotel with normal furniture and adornments? Check out some of the more contemporary Berlin hotels in the area.

6. The Max Hotel – Seattle, Washington

The Max Hotel

Image credit: sirgabe

Inside the Max Hotel in Seattle, Washington you’ll find some incredible works of art ranging from paintings to sculptures. The focal point of each room is not the furniture but the often strange, abstract, and sometimes incredibly large pieces of work that adorn the walls. Every piece of art you will see throughout the hotel is created by a local artist and all are for sale.

5. The Hotel FOX – Copenhagen, Denmark

The Hotel FOX

Image credit: Christopher Schmitz

Imagine stepping into a hotel room that was put together not by a trained interior designer but buy a graphic designer, photographer, animator, sculptor, or graffiti artist. That’s what you’ll find in the Hotel FOX in Copenhagen. Each room reflects an individual artist’s dream come true – literally.

4. Benesse Art Site Naoshima – Naoshima, Japan

Benesse Art Site Naoshima

Image credit: Benesse Art Site

The Benesse Art Site Naoshima was designed with the more conservative guest in mind. Those who don’t want to sleep inside a work of art can instead stay in a modern hotel room and then venture outside in order to see the artwork in the attached gallery. There are, of course, other “normal” hotels in Japan to choose from as well.

3. The Cage Room – Propeller Island Hotel (Berlin, Germany)

The Cage Room

Image credit: Propeller Island Hotel

Mirrors aren’t flashy enough for you? Try staying in a room with two raised cages. If that’s not strange (or kinky) enough for you, imagine this. You can lift the shades in the room to expose yourselves to the neighbors staying next door – even putting on shows for each other if you so choose.

2. The Philosopher’s Hotel – Amsterdam, Holland

The Philosopher's Hotel

Image credit: Philosopher’s Hotel

The rooms in The Philosopher’s Hotel in Amsterdam aren’t as off the wall as some of the others but they’re definitely in a league of their own. Each individual room was designed and decorated in order to honor and highlight the life of a great philosopher. Henry David Thoreau’s room deals with age and time while Georges Bataille’s room deals with eroticism.

1. The Symbol room – Propeller Island Hotel (Berlin, Germany)

The Symbol Room

Image credit: Propeller Island Hotel

Everything in the symbol room at the Propeller Island hotel is in black and white. Throughout the room you’ll find over 200 wood panels painted with simple images. Many of them can be moved around, allowing you to create a series of symbols that has meaning to you (and to you alone, considering very few people know what most of the symbols actually stand for). If nothing else, the hands-on activity will add some extra entertainment to your stay.

Looking for a bit of adventure? Book a stay in one of these incredible hotels. If the Propeller Island Hotel and its counterparts seem a bit too off the wall, consider one of the more traditional hotels in Germany instead. Either way, you really won’t be disappointed.

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