7 Reasons to Visit Phuket

With lovely white sand, delicious food, beautiful scenery and a peaceful, laid-back vibe, Phuket is quite simply a paradise. Discover seven reasons why the island province is one of the best destinations in Southeast Asia.


As Thailand’s biggest island, Phuket contains over fifteen major beaches. Within close proximity to one another, it’s remarkably easy to cruise down the coast and score a perfect spot.

Phuket beaches

Phuket beaches
Images by Andy Mitchell 1 + 2


Needless to say, sunsets in Phuket serve as a powerful tourist magnet. Easily some of the most magnificent and photogenic in Southeast Asia, they linger long and lazily over the horizon and consistently inspire applause.

Phuket sunset
Image by mst7022

Buddhist Temples

When you get your fill of beach time, you can discover a different sort of beauty in Phuket. Temples over five-hundred years-old dot the island, with elaborate spires, fine architectural features and adherence to Buddhist tradition. Of the over two dozen shrines in Phuket Province, the most venerable is Wat Chalong.

Phuket temple
Image by nlann


Coastal restaurants in Phuket offer a stellar backdrop and casual ambiance. Superb cuisine is also on the menu, from fresh-caught seafood to local vegetables, fragrant herbs and spices to homemade noodles.

Phuket seafood
Image by inabamasaki
Phuket seafood
Image by mynameisharsha


Thailand’s reputation for quality nightlife, most notably in Bangkok and countless coastal resorts, is infamous. Phuket’s post-sunset vibe is no exception. While not as wild as Haad Rin’s monthly Full Moon Party on Ko Pha Ngan, the province knows how to let loose. The most notorious nightlife in Phuket is on the west coast’s Patong Beach.

Image by Rene Ehrhardt


Some of Phuket’s most extraordinary natural beauty comes courtesy of jungle environs away from the coastline. The island’s interior unfurls a vast array of vivid flora, crystalline pools and dramatic waterfalls. The three major cascades on Phuket are Kathu, Ton Sai and Bang Pae, with dozens of smaller waterfalls spread around the island.

Image by Neil Rickards

Water Sports

Scuba divers, snorkellers and other water sport enthusiasts consider Phuket and indeed, much of coastal Thailand, prime-time. The inherent backdrop the island provides is pristine and unforgettable and a cornucopia of colorful marine life flourishes below the surface. Other pursuits like surfing and kite-surfing are not as endemic on the island’s coasts but conditions do make both possible.

Image by John Lindie

A good variety of resorts, hostels and hotels in Phuket make it easy to explore the island. The Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami of 2004 dealt quite a blow to the province but thankfully, Phuket has made remarkable strides in the years since.

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Kosher Cruise says on August 9th, 2010 at 12:44 pm:

Your blog is very attractive. It is a very informative posting. You have made it more beautiful by adding awesome snpas of Phuket. You have defined Phuket in a beautiful way.

Thanks for lovely posting.

Robbo says on August 25th, 2010 at 5:42 am:

Forgot to mention the rip off taxi drivers, the overpriced seafood (cheaper in Australia) jetski scams and generaly high prices.
Phuket is the place to go!

ann says on October 31st, 2010 at 8:54 am:



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