Seven of Mexico’s Best Escape Destinations

Mexico is a fabulous travel destination with wonderful ocean views, crystal clear waters, top-notch amenities and some of the best vacation resorts on Earth. But “where to go in Mexico” is a common question because there are so many places to visit from luxurious packages to those that are really affordable. Well, here are seven you could chose from.

Costa Alegre

Between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, miles from civilization, there’s a pristine paradise of ninety-five km of coast with private beaches and super luxurious hotels. It’s Costa Alegre which in English means “Happy Coast”. Famous for little rain and high temperatures throughout the year, it’s the ideal winter vacation destination.

San Sebastian

If you want to go back in time, in a place with historical buildings and churches, lots of happy surfers, a ton of pintxos bars, lovely beaches and delicious food, San Sebastian has them all. Close to Puerto Vallarta in the Sierra Madre Mountains, San Sebastian used to be a mining town but today it’s one of the best scenery for a relaxing vacation in Mexico.

Punta Mita

Another short one from Puerta Vallarta, Punta Mita is located on a stunning peninsula at the northern tip of Banderas Bay, on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. For the last couple of years everything changed in that area when the Four Seasons Resort and the Jack Nicklaus signature golf course opened, and is now a popular attraction for celebrities and rich people who come here for the white beaches and the crystal clear waters.

Riviera Maya & Punta Allen Peninsula

One of the places where you can also go, drop your luggage and relax, is the Mayan Riviera, a Caribbean coastline of Quintana Roo, Mexico. Famous for some of the most peaceful getaways in Mexico but also for coastal and reef aquatic activities, Riviera Maya is a great destination both for those looking for a budget vacation (who can try Punta Allen’s beachside budget inns) or for those in need of an all-inclusive. Just make sure you don’t book your trip during the rainy season from May through November.

Lago Bacalar

Surrounded by dense tropical rainforest, Lago Bacalar also known as the Lake of the Seven Colors is located south of Cancun near Chetumal. It’s Mexico’s second-largest lake and a great place for adventurers that can take a kayak out, explore the jungle or visit the Mayan ruins in the nearby Rio Bec area. Another great attraction is the 18th-century fort with a moat and stout bastions, that is now a museum.


If you’re looking for a great place in Mexico, without the traffic and the crowds in your town, a place where no one will bother you with phone calls, then how about the wonderful virgin scenery from Cerocahui? Right in the middle of the mysterious Sierra Tarahumara, the village stands quietly at the edge of the deep Urique Canyon surrounded by pine forest. Trekking, hiking, walking to the cascades, seeing the red soil close to the old gold mine or visiting the mining town of Urique, are just a few things that you can do in Cerocahui.

Todos Santos

The small village of Todos Santos located on the coast side of the Baja California Peninsula has seen a gradual increase in tourist activity and since 2006 it’s also known as “Pueblo Magico”. It’s the perfect place for those passionate about art with a lot of handicraft shops, owner-operated art galleries and restored colonial buildings. No wonder they call it the Bohemian Baja.

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Golfing in Thailand says on October 6th, 2008 at 5:24 pm:

wow .. Mexico is beautiful .. still think of the beach in the movie sex and the city where all the girls took Carry to recover from Mr. Big. That was really beautiful and I remember it’s in Mexico.


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