Sardinia – The Paradise Island

Rated one of the most exotic and exclusive destinations in the world, Sardinia sets itself apart from the competition through a wide range of attractions. Renowned for thousands of years as one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean, Sardinia also has a rich history and culture.


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As the second largest island of the Mediterranean, Sardinia is the perfect place to practice water-sports, rock-climbing or exploring. You could say it’s more of a suitable destination for seasoned travelers, who enjoy a rich, complex vacation. The breathtaking sights, welcoming beaches, delicious cuisine and top-rated tourist accommodations, are all excellent reasons to consider Sardinia as your next luxury holiday destination.


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Thanks to its privileged positioning, in the middle of the Mediterranean, and a warm, gentle climate, Sardinia is available, as an exotic destination, from early May until late November. On the other hand, its rich history makes the island one of the most popular historical sights in Europe. During the last century archaeologists uncovered traces of a Neolithic civilization, which proved people on Sardinia Island have been living in organized communities for 4,000 years. The entire 9,300 square-miles-island is covered with museums, archaeological sights and old monuments.


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Although there are many four and five-star hotels to choose from on Sardinia, we recommend you spend your nights at one of the island’s many farms. This way you’ll be able to enjoy the stunning natural surroundings, experience the traditional Sardinian way of life and try the world-renowned cuisine. Surprisingly, Sardinian cuisine doesn’t rely very much on fish or other seafood. Despite being surrounded by waters swarming with delicious fish, the locals have simply ignored the sea and retreated to the center of the island, raising sheep and hunting. The coasts were forfeited to the countless invaders, starting with the Phoenicians and ending with the regular tourist armies of today.


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For such a big island, Sardinia doesn’t have a particularly large population. There are around two million natives on the island, most of them concentrated in large cities like Cagliari or Sassari. We consider this to be a good thing, after all, less people means more nature, and there is definitely plenty of that on the incredible island of Sardinia. Mountains and hills dominate the island landscape, as they smoothly descend towards the surrounding sea of blue, while the flat lands invite visitors to discover the fascinating Mediterranean flora. The small, charming Sarde villages are a gateway to the past. Almost all of them are split into two areas: the new part, with modern orange or pink houses, and the old part with crumbling, sometimes abandoned homes, dating back hundreds of years.


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The most precious advice we can give about a trip to Sardinia, is make sure to take plenty of film or virtual memory for your camera, you’re going to need it!


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kathy says on September 14th, 2010 at 11:24 pm:

where do i find the farms to stay at and is there an airport on the island?


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