San Alfonso del Mar – The Ultimate Swimming Pool

The holidays are over and if you’re planning on getting rid of thosewinter blues, nothing helps better than a swim in clear blue waters. And what better place than San Alfonso del Mar, in Algarrobo, Chile, a resort where you can make a splash in the world’s largest swimming pool.

San Alfonso del Mar was always a great summer destination, but it didn’t have an edge to compete against all the other great resorts around the globe. But then Chilean biochemist, Fernando Fischemann used his revolutionary pool-building techniques to build something the world had never seen before, a 1,000 meters-long swimming pool. After that San Alfonso del Mar and the whole Algarrobo region, really started to stand out on the travel map, as tourists from all around the world arrived to check out the world’s largest swimming pool.

So you can get an idea of how big this man-made paradise really is, an Olympic-size swimming pool is just 50 yards long and 25 yards wide and the former largest swimming pool, now second largest pool in the world, the Orthlieb, in Morocco is 150 yards long and just 100 yards wide. The mega-pool of San Alfonso del Mar is over 1,000 yards long, spreads over an area of 8 hectares, holds over 65 million gallons of water and has a deep-end of 115 feet.

What’s even more impressive than its size is the pool’s ability to keep the water crystal clear at all times. Since the pollution levels in the ocean could cause all sorts of cancer, mental retardation, birth defects and seriously shorten life expectancy, the Chileans had to come up with a solution that would make swimming safer but just as enjoyable. So they created a computer-controlled filtration system that permanently draws fresh seawater directly from the ocean while pumping out used water. This way, tourists can swim in a clean environment where they can see the bottom even in the deep end, all without polluting the ocean.

The pool at San Alfonso del Mar can accommodate not only swimmers, but also people who want to navigate small boats in the pool. After all there’s enough room for everybody. A true artificial paradise, this mega pool is just the beginning says its creator, Fernando Fischemann. As long as man has access to seawater, this type of resort can be built even in the most inhospitable conditions. The only drawback is they’re not very cheap to build and maintain. The San Alfonso del Mar pool cost around $2 billion to build and costs another $4 million a year for maintenance.

If you’re looking for the ultimate swimming pool, look no further than San Alfonso del Mar. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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