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Rome’s Best Rooftop Restaurants

You’re in a rooftop restaurant in Rome, so things can really only get better from here on in. Throw in a multi-hued sunset, an overly eager sommelier and your pick of the best ruins in Europe and things are getting pretty close to perfect. Rooftop restaurants are almost always situated in Rome hotels, which can sometimes make for a stuffier dining experience, but there’s something perfectly acceptable about white linens and fine china when you’re scoffing scampi within arm’s reach of the Pantheon’s dome. Check out our list of Rome’s best restaurants with rooftops.

La Pergola, Cavalieri Hilton

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The padrino of Rome’s elevated, al fresco dining scene is helmed by Heinz Beck and oiled by a staff so elegant and synchronised you’d swear they’re all recovering ballerinos. The décor is verging on rococo as only Italians can do, but you’re not going to care when viewing the smuggest of panoramas from atop Monte Mario.

La Terrazza dell’Eden, Hotel Eden

A piano bar, smoking area and Beluga on blinis – you shouldn’t expect anything less. Situated on the ritzy Via Ludovisi, this 120 year old relic has embroidered tablecloths and claims to regularly host “prestigious guests protected with discretion, gentle smiles concealing tough and upright characters”. Amazing, really.

Bramante, Hotel Raphael

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Med and Asian dishes with a French technique in the Piazza Navona with views of the Tiber, St Peter’s and, oh, the list goes on. Mingle with journalists, artists and other media types while snacking on prawn cocktails soaked in cognac.

Ristorante Aroma, Palazzo Manfredi

With a startling view of the Coliseum and the Imperial Forum, who cares about Guiseppe Di Iorio’s award winning menu? Just bring the Barolo and we’ll watch the sun set over this view you simply couldn’t dream up.

The Rooftop Garden, Grand Hotel De La Minerve

The closest rooftop restaurant to the Pantheon’s dome (and surrounding inferior domes) offers fish, pasta and other Italian traditionals. The summer months make for a dreamier experience, but they’ve just announced year round opening hours, so warm yourself with numerous Amaros if you’re there during winter.

Imago, The Hassler

Replete with its 1st Michelin star, this is Rome’s hot dining property at its best. A blend of traditional and experimental Italian cuisine sates well heeled diners pretending not to notice the stunning view from atop the Spanish Steps.

Circus, Forty-Seven Hotel

Less showy, more local, still fabulous. This restaurant has views from the Aventino to the Campidoglio and products sourced from the Lazio countryside. The terrace has undergone a recent renovation by 4 “emerging” artists. This may not be your décor bag, but with a view like that, you’re not likely to be fussed.

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