Plug and Play with HotelClub’s Widget

A plug and play, turnkey device that generates dollars for your WordPress blog at the flip of a switch. Sound good? We thought so.

Quite simply, the new HotelClub widget harnesses the power of an online accommodation site that provides consumers worldwide access to over 71,000 hotels in over 138 countries. Rome was not built in a day and neither, obviously, was a global reservation service with this kind of online clout. You can, however, piggyback on HotelClub’s considerable experience and expertise and send your site customers and visitors off to Rome with a genuinely discounted hotel rate. La Dolce Vita indeed.

So forget the passé, intrusive ads and parlay that captive audience into a substantive, long-term business opportunity. The free HotelClub widget blends seamlessly with the relevant content already on your site, is scalable and available in 15 languages and 14 currencies. Best of all, to start is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Install

We could have made it more complicated – goodness knows, enough other sites do – but why bother? Tech-savvy or not, the steps to install the HotelClub widget are child’s play. Simply, go to the widget site and download the plugin. You can also access it from the WordPress directory . Two options, same result, with four widget types to choose: HotelClub Hotel Search; HotelClub Hotel List; HotelClub Monthly Favourite City List; HotelClub Top City List.

2. Apply

Once you download the plugin and install the HotelClub search widget on your site, register as an affiliate partner to account for that new revenue stream at Registration. The best part of step 2? Easy: when you fill out your direct deposit details… so you can get paid.

3. Sell

The rest is up to you … and your site traffic. How you place the widget and market it on your blog is completely your call. You can be as aggressive or low-key as you want. The search tool is customizable and can either be a prime focal point or a bonus add-on. The returns you generate depend largely on your integration strategy, which, happily, you can alter and test rigorously on a minute by minute basis.

Download, install and earn 5-8% commissions. 1-2-3. Harness the power of the HotelClub widget and sell hotels on your site in a matter of minutes.

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