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5 of the Best Beaches around Perth

Some say that if you want to get a tan under the Aussie sun and enjoy some amazing landscapes, Perth is the best place to be. Tens of examples of deep blue waters and golden beaches can be found right across Perth, but if you want to get the best of the best, here are five of the finest beaches around Perth.

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Cottesloe Beach

Definitely the city’s most famous beach, Cottesloe is the most popular destination in the area in those hot and lazy days. It offers spectacular views over the Indian Ocean from dozens of restaurants and cafes along the Marine Parade. Accommodation can also be found here, although the options you have in Cottesloe can seem a bit pricey when compared with the hotels in Perth. The south side of the beach is ideal for snorkeling and there are many places all over the beach for enjoying those great sunset moments.

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Scarborough Beach

Wide, clean and beautiful sands, grass areas for picnics – ideal for families and a wonderful view of Rottnest island, located 20 kilometers away – these are the main points that made Scarborough famous. Although you might say it’s the perfect beach for families, it’s actually the favorite place for the twenty-somethings, due to the high waves and loud clubs.

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Perth City Beach

Elected the best beach around Perth several times in the last few years, it is an ideal place for both fishing and swimming. The area offers a children’s playground, barbecues, tables for picnics, toilets, changing rooms and outside showers. If you choose to visit the City Beach, prepare to see Perth’s most luxurious and modern residences all around the beach, since this is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods of the city.

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Trigg Island

Boarders choose this rocky limestone area  not for its amazing scenery, but for the great waves that made this beach famous in the surfers community. Snorkeling in the Mettams Pool, bird watching or fishing are also a great option when getting here. In the summer, the beach is also the home for several surfing related carnivals and training sessions.

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Sorrento Beach

Take a 20 minute drive north west of Perth, along the Sunset Coast to get at one of the finest beaches in Australia. The tranquil waters and the white sandy beaches is the perfect place for rookie swimmers. Not far away from the beach you can find Hillary’s Boat Harbor with plenty of restaurants and cafes.


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Jac says on April 16th, 2010 at 12:48 am:

wrong pics for scarborough and sorrento! think you got the UK and Italy respectively by mistake…


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