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    Sydney’s Gayest Neighbourhoods

    Photo: Credit Pride marches are a dime a dozen in Europe and America, but Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras stands alone like a camp and sexy jewel in the global crown of homo festivals. What began as a 1978 protest has grown so big it’s made Sydney arguably the world’s top gay destination. Accolades […]

    Discover Sydney’s Alleyway Bar Scene

    As the capital of New South Wales and premier metropolis in Australia, Sydney unfurls a panoply of eclectic restaurants, bars, cafés and faux dives. The concentration of such establishments is especially dense in a few notable inner-city enclaves that act as virtual magnets for socialites, scenesters, preppy young pros and bohemian hipsters. This relatively new […]

    Sydney Festival 2011

    The run on hotels in Sydney in January has a lot to do with one phenomenal event in particular: Sydney Festival. The top cultural event in Australia and arguably, one of the best city festivals on the planet, is well under way until the end of the month. From John Malkovich and Emmylou Harris, to […]

    A Terracotta Warrior Comes to Sydney

    Concierges at hotels in Sydney have been on double duty ever since the Terracotta Army invaded the Art Gallery of New South Wales in early December 2010. After all, the ensemble of venerable objects from the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, a foremost UNESCO World Heritage Site in the People’s Republic of China, has […]

    New Year’s Fireworks Over Sydney Harbour Bridge

    A lot of destinations around the world offer the promise of a memorable New Year’s celebration. Few, however, do it up quite like Australia’s main metropolis. Hotels in Sydney, most notably in the Central Business District, book fast in advance of the spectacular fireworks display over the Harbour Bridge. The Family Fireworks takes place at […]

    Discover the 2010 Crave Sydney International Food Festival

    The month of October transforms the capital of New South Wales into a prominent hub of the culinary arts. Sydney’s status as one of the world’s best destinations for die-hard foodies is well-established but often, it takes one flagship event to synthesize a city’s epicurean allure. For Sydney, that event is, without question, the Crave […]

    Top Spring Festivals in Sydney

    Once autumn settles across the northern hemisphere, spring enlivens the southern part of the globe. Sydney is part of this celebration, welcoming several exciting spring festivals that cater to each and every tourist and local. Here are some of the most popular festivals and events in Sydney this spring. As always, HotelClub has incredible discounts […]

    Top 10 Outstanding Luxury Hotels in Sydney

    The annual HotelClub Awards are upon us. In commemoration of the prestigious honours, we’re doling out a slew of “Top 10″ lists to help all you intrepid travelers navigate accommodation ins and outs in some of the finest destinations on the planet. With that in mind, check out our roundup of the most outstanding luxury […]