Best Dive Spots in Asia Pacific

    Strap on your scuba set and grab that underwater camera – we’re about to plunge into the top dive sites on the planet.

    Best Hotel Gyms in the World

    You have to be in good shape to take on a world-class city like San Francisco, Munich or Tokyo. A classy hotel gym can help you feel the burn and, indeed, burn off those holiday kilos before you return home. With that, discover a lucky thirteen top-shelf hotel fitness centres.

    Top 10 Cycling Events in the World

    The likes of Lance Armstrong haven’t exactly burnished the collective image of competitive, non-motorised, two-wheeled recreation. Still, there are plenty of decent cycling ambassadors out there and lots of phenomenal, iconic events to behold. For proof, just check out this pedal-powered top 10.

    Liquid Hot Magma in Hawaii

    We were going to post a video of some yuletide Christmas markets in Germany but then thought, nah, let’s just have a look at some rad rivers of lava in Hawaii. Funky magma action on the Big Island trumps glühwein every time. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video Hawaii […]

    How to Get a Job in the Travel Industry

    How many times have you been on holiday and said to yourself, “I’d love to get paid to do this”? Or seen a tour guide, resort worker or flight attendant and thought, “That’s not a bad way to make a living”? Working in the travel industry is a much sought after vocation, mainly because it’s […]

    8 Awesome Christmas Destinations

    Festive places, places drunk with the yuletide spirit (and, presumably, plenty of liquid cheer), places that embody Old World, traditional Christmasy vibes: our 8 awesome December destinations are the perfect antidote to Grinchitude.

    Fab and Famous Celebrity Hollywood Homes

    Starline Tours is as much a fixture in Los Angeles as the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But forgive us if we skip a corny coach bus ride through Beverly Hills and Bel Air in lieu of a bespoke drive-by past famous homes of the Golden Age of Hollywood with us behind the wheel. Hopefully you […]