15 Wonderful Gems in Tasmania

    The wilderness of Tasmania is a hefty UNESCO World Heritage Site that comprises nine national parks, close to 14,000 km2 and, notably, some 20% of the island. Unfortunately, when it comes to Tasmania, many travel scribes refuse to deviate from here and repeatedly propose the same points of interest. Yes, we love Hobart and Launceston […]

    How to Travel on a Budget

    How much to budget per day on a week-long holiday or epic round-the-world trip is the million dollar question. The answer is intensely personal, of course, and depends on various circumstances. These top tips, however, apply to just about every type of traveller.

    How to Make the Most of Your Travels

    It’s not about getting bumped up to first class. It’s not about shopping or scoring awesome souvenirs. It’s not about what you put in your suitcase. No, how to make the most of your travels is a little more esoteric and profound. Have a look at our top tips.

    Cape Town Minstrel Carnival

    Aside from a cage dive with great white sharks and a ride up the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway, Kaapse Klopse, or the Minstrel Carnival, is about the best adrenaline rush in Cape Town. Check out some footage from the annual event that takes place every January 2. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to […]

    12 Top Tips for Travel with Kids

    As someone who loves to hop on a plane and fly off and takes the opportunity to do so at every turn, the advent of parenthood did much to change my routine. Mostly for the better. The arrival of my daughter was the best day of my life but I have to confess that as […]

    25 Useful Travel Items, Gadgets and Accessories

    You’re about to make use of that round-the-world fare and left your packing for the last minute. No worries. Here’s a checklist of 25 useful items, gadgets and accessories you’ll be be thankful to have while abroad.

    Best Places to Dine Alfresco

    This is one of those posts that deserves a sequel, if not two or three. Yet somehow, against all odds, we did manage to compile what we think is a very complete top ten in our look at the best places in the world to dine alfresco. From a beach in the Caribbean to a […]

    10 Classic Tourism Ads

    A good tourism campaign can inspire – think Jamaica’s “One Love”, Bob Marley ads – or befuddle (just YouTube “North Korea tourism”). These ten spots emerge as some of the most classic in the genre for a variety of reasons.