Top Christmas Markets to Visit this Year

    With the Christmas season nearly upon us, that familiar vibe is in the air once more. People are once again infused with the cheer and excitement of the traditional Christmas spirit. Nothing allows you to indulge this more than a traditional Christmas market – the home of winter merriment in the northern hemisphere.

    Best Fake Tourist Destinations in the World

    Why travel halfway around the world when the world can come to you? This, apparently, is the logic behind the latest trend in domestic tourism: “fake” tourist destinations. Dubai, to cite one prominent example, is well on the way to a full-size replica of the Taj Mahal. India has plans to mimic Cambodia’s Angkor Wat […]

    Classic Diners in Australia

    Guy Fieri, the Food Network master of mass-market schlock, to his credit, has done more to revive diner culture with his hit show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives than any Brooklyn hipster. The ripples of this greasy spoon, comfort food tsunami register on the caloric Richter scale as far as Australia, where the native spin on […]

    10 Famous Local Brews

    Cheers, santé, salud, gun bae! Time to raise a glass to ten of the most famous local brews in the world.

    Best Dive Spots in Asia Pacific

    Strap on your scuba set and grab that underwater camera – we’re about to plunge into the top dive sites on the planet.