Worst Ideas in the History of Air Travel

    With air travel becoming more and more of a chore, it seems the industry is constantly trying to find ways to make it a more enjoyable, cost-effective experience. Ever mindful the consumer is becoming disaffected by rising prices and heavy-handed security, airlines and airports are coming up with ideas to make air travel cheaper, streamlined […]

    4 Extraordinary Historical Cities

    Hanoi, Kyoto, Rome and Philadelphia make our inner architects swoon and ignite our collective passions for landmark eye candy. Discover why these four eminently historical cities deserve a cut of your travel budget.

    Best James Bond Hotels in the World

    With Skyfall, the twenty-third film in the James Bond spy franchise, in mid boffo box office form in this, the 50th anniversary year of the classic Dr. No, the time is ripe for a look at how to travel 007-style. Think of this list, then, as a licence to thrill.

    Best Chefs and Restaurants in Australia

    Australia’s culinary cred has gone global, with celebrity chef ambassadors galore and restaurant empires from Singapore to Tokyo. And then there’s all that wine. With that, digest this list of our top chefs and restaurants Down Under.

    Experience the 1950s in Asia Pacific

    We may have been born decades after the 1950s but sometimes we long for the era of pencil skirts, Teddy boys, Bodgies and Widgies. Thankfully, a few places can still transport us there.

    Diwali Fireworks

    The biggest, baddest, most spectacular “Festival of Lights” is one week away. Diwali, Devali, Deepavali – whatever you call it, don’t miss it. With India’s prodigious diaspora in the tens of millions and every corner of the globe, the holiday is celebrated with verve from Vancouver to Vienna. Yet only in places like Punjab will […]

    How to Survive a Deadly Animal Attack

    It’s said that animals can smell fear and if that’s so I think Calvin Klein should harvest my glands for his new ‘CK Panic’ range. Every animal group I have encountered has wanted to attack me in some way, from harmless sheep and horses to more deadly snakes and spiders. Hell, I even had a […]