How to Survive a Deadly Animal Attack

    It’s said that animals can smell fear and if that’s so I think Calvin Klein should harvest my glands for his new ‘CK Panic’ range. Every animal group I have encountered has wanted to attack me in some way, from harmless sheep and horses to more deadly snakes and spiders. Hell, I even had a […]

    Top 10 Cold Desserts in Asia Pacific

    We combed two continents to cull the choicest chilled culinary creations from the pack. Tough job indeed. From ice cream and gelato to syrupy shaved ice concoctions, check out our faves.

    Top 10 Cities with Navigable Waterways

    For transport or leisure, from harbours to rivers, our top 10 this week is all about the best cities in the world with eminently navigable waterways.

    Songs that Inspire Us to Travel to Specific Places

    Songs that evoke a particular place – that put you there, in that moment – have a special kind of timelessness. In what may well prove to be the first of many posts on the subject, we chose Paris, London, New York City, Brazil and Australia as telltale fountainheads of creativity. See if you agree […]

    Explore 4 World Class Cities on a Budget

    Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Adelaide and Lisbon may have very little in common on the surface – absolutely nil, come to think of it – save for one common benefit for intrepid travellers. The capital of Malaysia, capital of the People’s Republic of China, capital of Portugal and capital of the state of South Australia all […]

    Where to See the Rarest Plants in the World

    Rose gardens and orchid gardens are all well and good but, at the end of the day, a dime a dozen. Give us plants few humans (or animals for that matter) have ever seen in the wild and give them to us now! Under the sanctuary of a state-of-the-art botanical garden of course.

    World’s Greatest Department Stores

    We like to shop but we like museums and history too. Happily, the flagship stores of these icons of style combine both passions. This, of course, is what makes them the greatest department stores in the world.

    Top 5 Places to Scare Yourself Stupid on Halloween

    Halloween used to be the domain of trick or treating children threatening homeowners with an egging but now it’s adults who are getting in on the spooky action too. Companies and tour operators around the world are offering victims… sorry, customers, the chance to have their pants scared off and are employing sophisticated tactics to […]