Brilliant and Unique Museum Collections in Asia Pacific

    Nowhere on the planet do museums get more niche, more specific and, indeed, more unusual than on the continent of Asia. Throw Australia and New Zealand into the mix and you have a recipe for success for oddity hunters and culture vultures.

    Best Drive-In and Outdoor Cinemas in Asia Pacific

    We love the cushy comforts of the modern megaplex but, once in a while in good weather, the opportunity to enjoy a flic outdoors without the nuisance of full-blast air con is too good to miss. With that, we present the best drive-ins and outdoor cinemas in Asia Pacific.

    The Swisse Color Run 2012

    They call it “The Happiest 5km Run on the Planet” and, given the vid clip below, that may be so. Australia will get a first taste of the unusual event known as the Color Run as of November 25, when Melbourne serves as the guinea pig for the rest of the country. Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, […]

    Best Old School Barbershops in Australia

    What is old is new again. This is the case whether the subject is tailors, millinery, bespoke haberdashery, vinyl records, antiquarian books or the art of the cocktail. Well, guess what? Barbershops have made a comeback too. Some, as we shall see, have never left. Others, on the other hand, evince a new generation’s flair […]

    Top 5 Money is No Object Holidays

    When choosing a holiday, there are usually two paths a traveller can take. Path one: a destination is chosen and there’s an intense period of living like a Trappist monk (without the fun ‘brewing beer’ part) in order to save up. Path two: the traveller looks at how much money she has and chooses a […]

    Best Places to Propose

    When the time comes to ask the love of your life the big question, ambiance and environs counts for a lot. With that, discover ten of the best places in the world to propose.