Charming Sicily – Among Italy’s Best

    Talking about the best places in your Italian tour, you would probably come across the charming region of Sicily. One of the greatest islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is world renowned to be one of the best places you can be while you are in Italy. Extended for more than 1000km the only thing […]

    7 Kid Friendly Caribbean Resorts

    Time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is something every parent dreams of. While most dream of sun and sand, others simply can’t imagine going away without their children by their side. The good news is that it’s completely possible to enjoy a relaxing Caribbean vacation with the kids. All you need […]

    The Nine Hells of Beppu

    Featuring about 2,800 springs that gush out ridiculous amounts of hot water every day, Beppu has been named the hot-springs capital of Japan. Because of their extreme temperatures and some very unique characteristics, nine of these springs are known as the hells of Beppu. [Photo Credits] Described as an apocalyptic place, by writers in the […]

    Mardan Palace – Europe’s Most Expensive Hotel

    Have you ever wanted to live or at least see a place where no expense has been spared? The Turkish Mardan Palace, located in Antalya is exactly that – a hotel where every corner radiates luxury. And it might be a dangerous venture, with the economical crisis and all, but the Russian billionaire, Telman Ismailov, […]

    Strange Places on Google Earth

    We’ve found some extremely strange man-made and nature-made places on Google Earth. You’ll even see sinking ships and car accidents. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

    10 of the Most Incredible Hotel Spas in the World

    How many people do you know who go on vacation and return home feeling more exhausted than they’ve ever been in their lives? That’s not what a vacation is supposed to be about. It’s about fun, excitement and – most important – relaxation. There’s no doubt that hotel spas are capable of providing some of […]