10 Las Vegas Events Not To Be Missed

    Las Vegas, Nevada is the city of lights and one of the world’s premier tourist spots. Because of its popularity, world class events are held in Las Vegas every year. Here are the top 10 Las Vegas events you won’t want to miss!

    Top 10 Luxury Yachts

    Luxury superyachts are floating mansions with every possible accommodation available. The most distinguished yacht designers create these vessels to support the lifestyles of the super rich. Here are the top 10 luxury yachts in the world. 10. KOGO Recently built in 2006, the KOGO Superyacht was designed by Tim Heywood. It’s 235 feet in length […]

    Travel Insurance for Backpackers

    The term ‘backpacking’ when used in a traveling context usually refers to a low-cost method of travel where ‘backpackers’ must adhere to a tight budget. However, no matter how tight the budget of the backpacker, travel insurance must be included as a base cost. By its very nature, backpacking is adventurous and involves risk. Staying […]

    The World’s Biggest Aquarium In A Cylindrical Shape

    This huge cylindrical aquarium is located in Berlin at the Radisson SAS Hotel. It stands 25 meters and visitors are able to travel through the aquarium to the top where there is a restaurant and an open view of the city. Hotel rooms can also experience an underwater view from their windows. There are two […]

    No Surf Boards On BA. No More Surfing Trips.

    In a rather shocking decision, the British Airways has placed a ban on certain items of sporting equipment on all its flights. Equipment like canoes, kayaks, surfboards, javelins, pole vaults, hand gliders and wind surfing boards will not be allowed on the airline from 6th of November and passengers have been advised to engage the […]

    Cars of the Future

    Forget plane tickets, train trips or even walking to the next block. It’ll be well worth your time if you could lay your hands on one of these vehicles, cruising around the neighborhood or across the country. Of course, these cars will probably cost your life unless you’re a millionaire.

    Beijing Airport Terminal 3: Going for the Gold

    Thirty-one of the thirty-seven competitive venues of the XXIX Olympiad will be within the boundaries of the host city, Beijing. But the success of each of those thirty-seven competitive venues will depend a great deal on only one of the Olympiad’s non-competitive venues, the vast Beijing Airport Terminal 3 complex scheduled to open in February […]

    Three Recommended Australian Train Trips

    There are many ways of touring a country; a car trip, hitch hiking, air travel, but a rather novel and different experience would be travelling via train. In many countries there are train routes that are very popular from tourisms point of view. For an amazingly large country like Australia, three different routes give you […]