5 Haunted Castles Worth Exploring

    Castles have fascinated us since the Middle Ages, offering a gothic allure, being surrounded by myths or supposedly haunted by ghosts. In Europe, many castles are known for being haunted by ghosts, vampires or witches. If you want to see how real these ghost encounters are, here are 5 of the most haunted castles in […]

    5 Wonders of Thailand

    If you ever get the chance to visit the beautiful country of Thailand, you simply can’t afford to miss some of its greatest sights, so we’ve come up with a list of 5 places you just have to check out, who knows if you’ll ever get the chance again. The Grand Palace in Bangkok

    World’s top 10 wackiest festivals

    Had enough of the same old, dull celebrations you see in your city every year? Do you want something new and extraordinary to help spice up your life? Than you might enjoy checking out our top 10 world’s wackiest festivals, who knows, you might find one to your liking. 10. Moose dropping festival

    5 Lagoons That Will Take Your Breath Away

    Probably one of the most sought after attractions for tourists in need of exotic destinations, lagoons have fascinated people everywhere. They have been featured on countless occasions in various movies, representing the ideal, secluded place for relaxation, swimming or sun bathing. If you have ever wondered where are these star lagoons located, here are our […]

    World’s Top Rated Hotel

    For those that want to enjoy complete luxury while traveling, the following hotel will be perfect. Asian hotels have always been topping the list of highest rated hotels, and this time a strong candidate comes from India. The Oberoi Udaivilas is part of the Oberai chain of hotels established in 1934 that is know branching […]

    The Cotton Castle

    If you’re looking for a unique destination for your next vacation, this place in sunny Turkey might just be the choice for you. Pamukkale is a natural attraction in south-western Turkey that receives over 2 million visitors annually. Pamukkale, which means”cotton castle” in Turkish, fascinates visitors with its turquoise waters that flow through calcium pools. […]

    Top 10 Hot Springs Destinations

    There’s nothing more relaxing than a hot spring, perfect to get your body feel refreshed. The hot water from these springs comes from deep withing the earth, bringing to the surface a combination of minerals that soothes the body. The very high mineral content makes hot springs impart a wide range of benefits, from chemical […]

    The Forbidden Fields

    People have always had a fascination for forbidden things and consequently for forbidden destinations. These following fields, located somewhere in South America, are forbidden because of the plants that are grown there. While in some countries the possession, use, or sale of the products derived from the Cannabis sativa plant is illegal, many have a […]