10 Must-Try Exotic Fruits

    No break in paradise is complete without a super-sized bottle of SPF 30+, a good page-turner and an unlimited supply of strawberry daiquiris. But there’s one other thing to complete your island sojourn; something which lives at the breakfast buffet. We’re talking about exotic fruits; they’re weird and wonderful and seriously worth trying. So, forget […]

    Europe’s Most Beautiful Sacred Destinations

    Whether you’re a strong believer or a convinced atheist, you have to appreciate the beauty of certain holy places, and European cathedrals are definitely the most beautiful and the most renown. So here are 10 of Europe’s most impressive sacred structures. St. Basil’s Cathedral Location: Moscow, Russia Commissioned by Ivan the terrible to commemorate his […]

    The House That Makes You Dizzy

    As of late, with man uncovering pretty much all there was to uncover on planet Earth, people have been searching for odd, bizarre places to visit, to satisfy their craving for something new.

    5 Very Unsual American Museums

    Sick of the usual art museums you find in every tourist destination? Here is your change to go offroad and find something different. The following attractions are probably the wackiest ones, filled with kitsch and completely without a purpose. If you want to see how far people can go for a hobby, here are 5 […]

    The Unknown Beauties of Ethiopia

    Crossing remote areas, far away from civilization and from the comfort of the modern dwelling lies one of the most well-kept traditions we might expect to see on the African continent. In Southern Ethopia, in the depths of Rift Valley or in the Omo Region, there is a cultural fest – over 45 languages are […]

    The Painted Skulls of Halstatt

    Located in the little Austrian village of Halstatt, The Painted Skulls Ossuary is one of the most bizarre tourist attractions in the world.

    The Incredible Jellyfish Lake

    Set on Mecherchar Island, in the Palau Archipelago, Jellyfish Lake, or Ongeim’l Tketau, as the locals call it, is one of the most unbelievable locations you’ll ever have the chance to visit in your lifetime.

    Biggest and Smallest Houses in the World

    We’re living in a world of records, many of them unknown to most of us, some of which absurd but others fascinating and worth having a look at. For some general trivia on houses and their extreme sizes, here are the smallest house and the biggest one in the world.