Are You Competitive in Bed?

    HotelClub’s 2008 advertising campaign has launched! Using the tag-line of ‘We’re very competitive in beds’ a series of offline advertisements will be rolled out in key markets of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South-East Asia, UK, China and Taiwan. This year we are using in-flight TV to showcase our adverts. We have created a 45second advert […]

    The Beach Where You Get Blown Away

    The Princess Juliana airport is a place where you can be literally blown away by the attractions but also by the planes that come dangerously close to the beaches. The airport is located on the St. Martin island, being one of the smallest landmass in the world shared by two nations. One side of the […]

    Are you a folder, scruncher, roller or “throw it all in” packer?

    HotelClub found that no matter what method you try – there is no universal answer to the best method for packing…roiling, scrunching, folding or ‘throw it in and hope for the best’ were just some of the methods we uncovered! It comes down to personal preference (and how big you suitcase is – within airline […]

    9 Lifesavers for Backpackers: Planning Tips

    There is an undeniable appeal to backpacking; the anticipation felt as you pack up, knowing you will get to your destination completely on your own steam. Planning an implementing a trip your way, the ability to change it at a whim, prolonging the trip or hurrying it based solely on your desires, that’s the life! […]

    Strange Hotel Room Requests

    Continuing with our recent theme of interesting hotel stories – horrors stories and room habits – HotelClub has compiled a list of some of the stranger requests customers ask for when making a booking. Obviously the majority of special requests we try to fulfill to the best of our ability, but some are over and […]

    A Daredevil’s Summit of Ski Slopes

    The majestic beauty of mountainous terrain can be humbling, insignificance against grandeur. If you have a pair of skis on, and the skill to use them, the sight will bring that same appreciation for beauty along with excitement and sheer adrenaline value. Combine the highest peaks with the most treacherous paths back down, and you […]

    Valentines Day – Are you are lover or a loser?

    With Valentines Day only 2 days away, took to the streets to see if love is still in the air? With orders for roses (red or any colour) keeping florists worldwide busy and trying to keep up with the demand (before stocks run out!), restaurant tables filling up with specially selected menus and hotels […]

    While in Rome…Eat as the Romans Do

    There are few cities or cultures that can claim as much influence on the modern culture as the Romans or Italians do. Be it art, architecture, religion or opera, Rome has played a significant role in everything. So when it comes to a civilized meal Italian style, there are things to keep in mind for […]