5 Hangover holidays for the party animals

    There are many locations around the world that attract tourist for all different reasons. Some places have a special attraction for those in love, some locations are great for nature lovers or thrill seekers, but one more category that attracts a whole bunch of crowd to itself is clubbing or party destination, suited to all […]

    17 Travel Tips for Traveling Abroad with a Pet

    Planning a holiday abroad is a challenge. You go with an open mind to enjoy a fresh environment where the new surroundings will challenge you to make an adjustment. What is harder than making an adjustment though, is making your pet get to adjust to the change. If you are going abroad and taking your […]

    Peaceful Lakeside Retreats for Happy Campers

    Routine life is comfortable and settled, we know what to expect and what is expected of us. But, there are times when routines can start to feel stifling, or worse yet, stressful. Deadlines, demands, expectations, schedules, all can cause anxiety, making us wish we could just get away for a weekend to a quiet spot […]

    Exploring the Unusual: The Karni Mata Temple

    Throughout history people have looked for someone or something to worship. Some worship gods or goddesses, deities, the earth, nature, or patron saints. Most of us, even if we don’t’ believe the same, can almost understand, patron saints watch over people, deities ensure good crops, health, happiness, the earth helps feed and provide for us. […]

    Beautiful Sun City in South Africa

    There are many fabulous resorts around the world that usher tourists towards themselves with a certain magnetism, but one resort that definitely stands out as a very special destination for its visitors, offering luxury coupled with an up, close and personal experience of the nature and culture of the land is probably unique to South […]

    Welcome New Year 2008

    New Year’s Eve, the oldest of all holidays, has been celebrated in one form or other since 2000 B.C. The ancient Babylonian celebrations were at the beginning of spring, starting on the first new moon, and lasting for 11 days. It wasn’t until the Romans that the date of the New Year’s Eve celebration moved […]

    Best Places to Find Christmas Gifts

    Christmas is a time of merriment as well as giving and receiving, and even though most of us would wish that Mr. Santa would take care of the giving part for all of us, while we focus all our energies on receiving, reality is actually very different. We have all been through the rigors of […]

    Old World Charm at Christmas: Christkindlmarkts

    Christkindlmarkts, literally ‘Christ child market’ in German, are a special holiday tradition in many parts of the world. Originating in Dresden, Germany around 1434, Christkindlmarkts, or Christmas Markets, are where local craftsmen sold their wares in the winter, giving townsfolk something to look forward to besides cold weather. When the tradition began, the markets only […]