Amazing Thai Cuisine

    Thailand is known for its amazing treats and flavor combinations. The popularity of food is shown as you walk down the street, with a restaurant around every corner. In fact, you can find one about every two hundred feet, the Thai cuisine served at each may be the same, but will not always taste exactly […]

    Travel Ideas: 10 Fastest Growing Cities in the World

    Sometimes a vacation in the sun just isn’t enough to get you on the right track. While some people choose challenging destinations or turquoise waters and golden beaches, others choose to admire great architectural buildings and see just how much a city can grow. If you’re looking for new travel destinations, here are the 10 […]

    Top 7 Rural Destinations in the World

    When you feel you need to get away from the stress of city life and a common vacation on the beach won’t do the trick, it’s time to get back to the basics. For many of us, this means a trip to a remote village, with delicious foods, spectacular scenery and some fun rides you […]

    Top 5 Hotel Restaurants in the World

    The rise of celebrity chef culture has produced some remarkable results in the food and restaurant world over the past decade. Some good, many bad. With the limelight squarely on star chefs to produce stellar results with each new venture, standards have gone up. And so has the bar to impress.

    New Destinations: Tracking Down Pirates’ Treasures

    Considering the recent hype with pirate movies, it seems that many people are fascinated by the pirate world, their unjust way to live and they hidden treasures. As for the plunders, there are few documented examples of pirates that actually did so. They usually spent it on orgies, drinking and whoring. Nonetheless, some of them […]

    World Cuisine: Oddest foods around the globe

    Everytime you travel, you need to sample everything that the country has to offer. Meet the people, see the places and taste the food. There are some places where tasting the food can be the most terrifying experience of all. If you’re looking for a rush or simply want to try something different, here are […]

    Incredible 7 Star Hotels

    You have most likely noticed that any hotel you’ve ever stayed in proudly advertises their “star rating”. Most hotels in the United States operate on a five star or diamond system and hotels are judged based on their locations, services, accommodations, and amenities. Unfortunately, the worldwide travel industry has not been able to formalize a […]

    Holidays in Rome

    What could be more attractive than spending your hard-earned holiday in Rome? Rome has been called many names through the ages such as the eternal city, and the city of the seven hills, but no name could capture Rome’s actual grandeur and splendor such as the romance in its actual name does. Being one of […]