Welcome New Year 2008

    New Year’s Eve, the oldest of all holidays, has been celebrated in one form or other since 2000 B.C. The ancient Babylonian celebrations were at the beginning of spring, starting on the first new moon, and lasting for 11 days. It wasn’t until the Romans that the date of the New Year’s Eve celebration moved […]

    Best Places to Find Christmas Gifts

    Christmas is a time of merriment as well as giving and receiving, and even though most of us would wish that Mr. Santa would take care of the giving part for all of us, while we focus all our energies on receiving, reality is actually very different. We have all been through the rigors of […]

    Old World Charm at Christmas: Christkindlmarkts

    Christkindlmarkts, literally ‘Christ child market’ in German, are a special holiday tradition in many parts of the world. Originating in Dresden, Germany around 1434, Christkindlmarkts, or Christmas Markets, are where local craftsmen sold their wares in the winter, giving townsfolk something to look forward to besides cold weather. When the tradition began, the markets only […]

    At Every Bend in the Road there is a…Pani Puri Vala!

    When on the road in India, if you see a mouth so swollen that it looks stuffed, it probably is. The ethic of breaking off small pieces to bite on works on most foods, but when it comes to snacks, we are going to talk of one which requires you to forego all table manners, […]

    Air travel in Europe

    Air travel is a phenomenon that is becoming a part of every day life for most of us. With more than 70 thousand aeroplanes, carrying 4 million passengers daily around the globe, the demand for at par service and comfort in these commercial airlines is nothing but justified. Whether these airlines are earning their dollars […]

    Places Santa Might Want to Skip this Year

    For all the slackers around, take heed from the work ethics of the man in red and white. Yes, Santa sets an example in commitment for us; visiting each house where he is remembered, delivering presents and climbing chimney after chimney to bring smiles on millions of faces. Of course the time zones help him, […]

    Win A Trip To Visit One Of The New 7 Wonders Of The World!

    Is visiting the new 7 Wonders of the World* on your list of ‘Things to Do’? HotelClub.com is celebrating reaching is own ‘Wonder’ of 5 million members by giving you the opportunity to win the trip of a lifetime – visiting one of the new 7 Wonders of the World.

    Do You Know Where Santa Lives?

    One of the most beloved and well known figures for children everywhere, Santa Claus, or Kris Kringle, is depicted as a jolly old man who travels all over the world on Christmas Eve, bringing presents to good girls and boys. Legends abound about how his toys are made, who makes them, who helps, and how […]