Another New Year – Chinese New Year

    On February 7, 2008, the Year of the Pig will officially end and the Year of the Rat will begin. Many have heard of the Chinese zodiac, even if they do not fully understand it, but how many realize they have their own New Year celebrations? The date does not always stay the same from […]

    Wild and the Wonderful

    When it comes to adventure sports going from one thrilling activity to the next is how the mind proceeds but few think of a location that has it all to offer. We found two spots that can aptly be described as the wild and wonderful natural adventure seeker paradises that can be an adventure packed […]

    Five Must See Destinations For 2008

    What’s hot in 2008? With eco-friendly and carbon footprints now part of our extended travel vocabulary, issues its predictions for 2008!

    A Pooch’s Paradise

    Everyone has heard that dog is supposed to be man’s best friend. Many treat their dogs as well, if not better than their children, but how much are you willing to invest in your pet? For some, the answer is whatever they can afford, even if it means spending money to board their pet in […]

    5 Hangover holidays for the party animals

    There are many locations around the world that attract tourist for all different reasons. Some places have a special attraction for those in love, some locations are great for nature lovers or thrill seekers, but one more category that attracts a whole bunch of crowd to itself is clubbing or party destination, suited to all […]

    17 Travel Tips for Traveling Abroad with a Pet

    Planning a holiday abroad is a challenge. You go with an open mind to enjoy a fresh environment where the new surroundings will challenge you to make an adjustment. What is harder than making an adjustment though, is making your pet get to adjust to the change. If you are going abroad and taking your […]

    Peaceful Lakeside Retreats for Happy Campers

    Routine life is comfortable and settled, we know what to expect and what is expected of us. But, there are times when routines can start to feel stifling, or worse yet, stressful. Deadlines, demands, expectations, schedules, all can cause anxiety, making us wish we could just get away for a weekend to a quiet spot […]

    Exploring the Unusual: The Karni Mata Temple

    Throughout history people have looked for someone or something to worship. Some worship gods or goddesses, deities, the earth, nature, or patron saints. Most of us, even if we don’t’ believe the same, can almost understand, patron saints watch over people, deities ensure good crops, health, happiness, the earth helps feed and provide for us. […]