Worlds largest haunted place

    If you’re one of those people that have an affinity for the supernatural and you like to experience extraordinary phenomena first hand, you might try visiting Europe’s haunted castles, or, you could go down in to the largest cave on Earth, a place with a really spooky reputation.

    Venice in Asia – The Venetian, Macao

    If you’re traveling in Asia and wanted a piece of Italy, this deluxe hotel and casino in Macau, China, must just be the perfect destination. The Venetian is the 40-story, $1.8 billion anchor for the 7 upcoming hotels to be constructed on the Cotai Strip. With a 10,500,000-square-foot (980,000 m²) surface, the hotel is built […]

    World’s top party-animal destinations

    Do you like to hang out in clubs until the break of dawn, dancing until you feel like you just used up the last drop of energy in your body? Do you love the nightlife? If your answer is positive you’ll want to check out these locations for the ultimate party experience. Koh Phangan, Thailand

    Somebody Lost Inspiration : 10 Worst Hotel Names

    Some hotel owners shouldn’t name their children, let alone their hotels. The following hotels have most unfortunate names we have come across. If the name of the hotel would say everything about the accommodations, then you should probably avoid the following 10 hotels. If you have any other hotel names the list doesn’t include, feel […]

    5 Scary Hotel Experiences

    A boring holiday can begin with choosing a boring hotel, dull and with no personality. If you want to make sure the hotel you’ll be staying at will bring you the excitement needed, we have collected some of the creepiest, scariest and most terrifying hotels across the world. While some scare simply through their lack […]

    How Far is Too Far from the Ocean to Order Seafood?

    It is a question I pondered recently whilst traveling to both Darwin and then to Alice Springs. Let me paint a picture for you, Darwin is tropical, green and set on the sparkling ocean at the top of Australia, therefore, in my mind lending itself to seafood (and cold beer). Alice Springs on the other […]

    Disney’s 3 Best Hotels

    Deciding what makes a hotel the best is totally subjective on the visitor’s experience. Parents with children will prefer one experience to another, but the follow 3 hotels offer the best experiences for adults, children, families, honeymooners and everyday visitors alike. Planning a vacation to Orlando, Florida? Let these 3 hotels submerse you in their […]

    3 More Haunted Castles Famous from Movies

    If you like horror movies as much as most of us do, you have surely been asking yourself about the locations that scare heck out of you at the cinema. These movies have made history and, implicitly, the featured houses have haunted thousands of people worldwide. For those wondering where these castles or houses are […]