Chris Hadfield’s Space Kitchen

    This is a travel video of a completely different sort. Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut and, according to Forbes, “perhaps the most social media savvy astronaut ever to leave Earth” has blown up YouTube and Twitter with his riveting observations, photographs and videos taken from the International Space Station. This particular one that explains how […]

    The Greatest Travellers of All Time

    When it comes to famous travellers and explorers, things ain’t what they used to be. Back when travelling was in its infancy, the most famous explorers were those who danced with danger, made amazing discoveries and introduced the world to new cultures. These days we have to put up with over-enthusiastic travel channel wannabes and […]

    Best March Festivals Around the World

    Our contenders for top global festival month were, at one point in time and for a variety of reasons, July, December and February. But then, in conducting research for this post, we started to dig up some choice events in the month of March. Turns out the third month of the year is a pretty […]

    8 Hidden Gem National Parks in Australia

    Australia has more than a few national parks that merit world-class status and, indeed, a disproportionate number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It takes some work and effort, then, to uncover the best hidden gems of the lot – those national parks that deserve a little more attention from domestic and international tourists alike.

    Silly Things People Do On Holiday

    There are certain things we do while abroad that seem like really good ideas at the time but begin to regret the minute we get home. Follow my handy checklist on how to overcome some of the dumb things you might do on the road and I guarantee your Facebook timeline and travel photo library […]

    Los Angeles Time Lapse

    We may not be able to show you any awards show footage from Hollywood’s big event last night – not legally anyway – but what we can offer is actually a little more interesting as far as travelling is concerned. Yes, it’s about that time again – a time lapse clip, City of Angels style. […]

    HotelClub Londonist Competition

    Thank you very much to everyone who entered the HotelClub competition on the Londonist blog over Christmas! The lucky winner was Jason Davies from Staffordshire, who won a stay with his wife at the shiny new InterContinental Westminster in London for Valentine´s Day.

    The Perils of Speaking a Foreign Language

    The desire to be conversant with locals while in a foreign country is natural. You know the deal: you’re lost and you need to ask for directions in Italy, you want to order a proper café au lait and a pastry in France, or you’re in desperate need of a sit-down toilet in Central Africa. […]