Cute Animals That Aren’t So Cute

    Some animals aren’t very good at hiding their intentions. For example, if you happen to (be unlucky enough to) bump into a shark or crocodile on your travels, there’s not much chance of you mistaking its sharp teeth, beady eyes and predatory stalking for an animal that is looking to be hugged or tickled under […]

    Most Pedestrian Friendly Towns in the UK

    The United Kingdom is known as a sanctuary for ramblers, traipsers and trampers but some destinations do better than others. With that, discover ten of our favourite pedestrian friendly towns in the UK.

    Top 10 Small Towns to Visit in America

    The term “small town America” invokes specific imagery that transcends place (is it Connecticut, Alabama, or North Dakota) but seems set in a particular time. As much as we adore the seductive urban joys of a Los Angeles or Manhattan, we do concede that to discover the real U.S.A., you have to get beyond the […]

    The World’s Greatest Paintings – And Where To See Them

    Taking a holiday is often about turning the brain off: leave your laptop at home, turn off the phone and cast away the stresses and strains of work for a couple of weeks. However, turn the grey matter off entirely during a foreign trip and you will undoubtedly miss out on tons of cultural delights […]

    New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

    The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival kicks off April 26 and sports a spectacular lineup that includes everyone from The Black Keys and Frank Ocean to Phoenix and Patti Smith and, most notably, the usual hodgepodge of zydeco, blues, funk and jazz legends. This promo clips makes us want to get up, dance and […]

    Five Famous Explorers Who Didn’t Come Back

    The whole point of being an intrepid explorer is to revel in the fame and fortune when you return home and eventually slink off into retirement with your own show on the Travel Channel. Well, that would be why I’d do it, anyway… Unfortunately, some discoverers never got to enjoy the easy life after they […]

    Where to Party in Southeast Asia

    Southeast Asia proffers a tasty banquet of travel alternatives. Today we take a look at a sampler platter of party hubs, from Bangkok to Bali.

    London’s Hottest Hotels

    They’re preferred London accommodations for Chipping Nortoners, Sloane Rangers, footballers, jetsetters and glitterati hobnobbers in town for a Bond Street spree. In short, they’re the hottest hotels in London. From bygone era luxury to modish boutique charm, check out this definitive list before you holiday in the UK capital.