12 Oscars Hot Spots in Los Angeles

    The 85th Academy Awards take place this Sunday, February 24 and the big question on everyone’s minds – other than whether host Seth MacFarlane will out-offensive Ricky Gervais – is: where the party at? We, so in the know as usual, may just have a few ideas. With that, discover twelve top L.A. hot spots […]

    35th Anniversary of Sydney Mardi Gras

    The most fab February fest on the planet is a month-long bash that whips the capital of New South Wales into a frenzy. To boot, the 2013 edition of Sydney Mardi Gras marks the 35th anniversary of the auspicious festival. With the theme “Generations of Love” and a diverse slate of first-class entertainment on deck, […]

    4 Trips That Changed the World

    How many times have you had a friend come back from a long trip and say: “I feel like a changed person”? It’s a common tune for travellers who have been away for a sustained period of time and the reason a lot of us like to get away from it all in the first […]

    Sydney Mardi Gras 2013

    They may call it Mardi Gras but the Southern Hemisphere’s foremost LGBTIQ pride parade and festival perseveres way past Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. Sydney Mardi Gras, in fact, is one of the premier festivals on the planet – period – and lasts just shy of a full month. Sydney Mardi Gras 2013 is a […]

    Most Romantic Restaurants in Asia Pacific

    Saint Valentine, or, as his mates called him, Valentinus, expired way back in the year 269 (ish) but we’re willing to bet he would’ve given these spectacularly romantic and splurge-worthy restaurants in Asia Pacific a hefty stamp of approval. Because word has it ol’ Val seldom saw a prix fixe menu he didn’t like. Now […]

    Best Movie Travellers of All Time

    Which movie character has the best travel CV in cinema? Some movie characters sure get to see a lot of the world, living it up in the poshest hotels in the best cities in the world with a ‘devil may care’ attitude towards the cost. Granted, travelling in the movies isn’t exactly like real life […]

    Chinese New Year Fireworks

    The Year of the Snake is upon us and to celebrate, we thought it would be super keen to trot out our favourite video clip of Chinese New Year pyrotechnics. This particular one is from a few years back in the city that knows a thing or two about skyline spectacles, Hong Kong. You need […]

    Best Nightclubs in Asia

    Other than at the height of the Mughal Empire perhaps, there has never been a better time to party in Asia. From Makati to Mumbai, nightclubs are swankier and more sophisticated than ever and are starting to approach, if not eclipse, counterparts in the likes of New York City, Miami and London. With that, here […]