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    The Ultimate Music Experience

    Recently on Facebook we offered the trip of a lifetime… any concert with your best friend, anywhere in the world! Lucky for Sarah from Melbourne, she was flown across the globe to see Pink! in Chicago with her husband for a whirlwind adventure through the Windy City. Here’s a little taste of Sarah’s to-die-for experience […]

    How to Sightsee in Cold Weather

    Sydney may have hit an all-time record of 45.3 degrees Celsius on January 18 but in Montreal, the city where I currently reside, and, indeed, up and down the Upper Midwest and Eastern Seaboard of the United States and Canada, we froze that very same week in windchills of minus 40 degrees Celsius. For those […]

    Most Prominent Skylines in the World

    Once the explicit dominion of the United States of America, skyline primacy has very much become the ambition of others. The U.A.E., Qatar and Saudi Arabia, yes, but nowhere more so than China. Scan the list of supertall skyscrapers under construction and the People’s Republic dominates, with India a distant second and the U.S. a […]

    Shanghai vs Beijing

    Sydney and Melbourne, Tokyo and Osaka, Toronto and Montreal, New York and Chicago, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Practically every country has a dominant urban hub and a zesty, second city upstart. It all makes for spirited rivalry debates. None, however, compare with China’s formidable twosome.

    Most Pet Friendly Hotels in America

    The pet-care industry in the United States of America is worth approximately $50 billion per annum. To make the titanic figure even more impressive, $50 billion is more than the gross domestic product of Uzbekistan, Lithuania and Costa Rica. That is a lot of puppy chow. Hoteliers and hospitality chains know a good business opportunity […]

    Top 10 Ultimate Road Trips

    How can we possibly whittle the sum of epic road trips this planet has to offer into a list that approximates the “best”? Well, sort of like this we can. Richtersveld, South Africa – Photo credit Route 66 Distance: 3,945 km As the primogenitor of the road trip and the modern highway system, the United […]