3 Wacky Rides in Bangkok

    Bangkok, like many other Asian cities, is infamous for its notorious traffic that can leave you stranded in a busy crossroads for hours. But unlike its counterparts, the city’s administration is making serious efforts to resolve traffic congestion. As a result, travellers have numerous options for Bangkok transportation, some more enjoyable than others. So if […]

    A Fairy Tale Christmas in Copenhagen

    Few people celebrate Christmas with as much vim and merriment as the Danes. After all, Greenland is part of Denmark and, consequently, home to Julemanden, or the “Yule Man”. Venerable Christmas traditions in Denmark pass from one generation to the next and, indeed, make Copenhagen a superlative destination for the season.

    Colombia Diary: Cartagena

    For the previous installment of this Colombia diary, click here. After a 13-hour overnight bus ride from Medellín, during which I slept eight hours in 120, soothing four-minute increments, I was deposited at Cartagena’s bus station, located a convenient 120 kilometers (roughly 5,284 miles) outside of town. After imploring eight uninterested taxis drivers for a […]

    Namdaemun Market in Seoul, South Korea

    The vast, cosmopolitan and hyperactive capital of South Korea can be a shopper’s paradise … if you know where to look and how to bargain. From colossal Dongdaemun Market to Yongsan Electronics Market, Hwanghak-dong Flea Market to Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market, the myriad markets of Seoul cover all the requisite bases. Indeed, there is nary […]

    A Not So Snowy Christmas in Athens

    What goes on during Christmas in Athens might be unknown to many, considering Greece is mostly a summer destination. But Athens is quickly becoming an all year round destination, while Christmas is growing ever more spectacular each year. Giant Christmas trees, beautifully lit boulevards, skating rinks and holiday shopping are just a few of the […]

    Colombia Diary: Medellín and Guatape

    For the previous installment of this Colombia diary, click here. Not so distant, but worlds away from the modern buildings and hotels in Medellin, is the well-off northern ‘village’ of Acevedo (long ago absorbed by the city’s urban sprawl), where I spent my final night in town with expats keen to photograph some of the […]

    7 Iconic James Bond Destinations

    The James Bond series is the most indelible in cinematic history, with a $5 billion windfall from some 22 films. From Dr. No to Quantum of Solace, 007 always seems to find himself in the most exotic destinations. Here are 7 in particular that stand out.

    Incredible Footage of Marina Bay Sands Singapore Hotel

    Even though the Marina Bay Sands has been open since June 2010, the S$8 billion integrated resort is still the talk of Singapore. The sheer stats on the massive hotel casino boggle the mind but above all else, the dominant feature has to be the three 55 story towers and incomparable SkyPark. A lot of […]