Sitges: Catalonia’s Tourism Dynamo

    If you’re ever in Barcelona and want to test the waters of the Mediterranean, the beaches in the Ciutat Vella district of Barceloneta will do just fine. If however, you want a beach resort town built on coastal charm, head to Sitges. Just 35 km southwest of Barcelona, Sitges is one of Catalonia’s most popular destinations, […]

    Sao Paulo: Metropolis of the Americas

    If you had the impression the most populous city in the Americas was New York or Los Angeles, think again. Sao Paolo, Brazil has 11 million people and another 9 million people in a spectacularly vast metropolitan area. This is the predominant metropolis in the Americas and a great place to explore for tourists from […]

    Women-Only Hotel Floors Spark Debate and Publicity

    The advent of single-sex, female-only, hotel floors and lounge areas sparked quite a bit of controversy in the United States a few years back when lawyer Gloria Allred opened her mouth on the issue to any reporter or morning talk show host who would listen. The high-profile, not-altogether-camera-shy attorney, who has made a lucrative career […]

    The LeBron James Effect

    Even casual observers of professional sports and the National Basketball Association took notice on July 8, 2010 when LeBron James told ESPN’s Jim Gray that he would suit up for a team other than the Cleveland Cavaliers for the ’10-’11 season. A live television audience in the tens of millions saw James utter the now […]

    Macabre Ghost Walk in London

    In anticipation of Halloween, we thought it would be most appropriate to look at one of the most venerable “ghost tours” in the world: London’s Ghost Walk. The English capital is full of landmarks that evoke the macabre, from the Tower of London to Jack the Ripper’s infamous haunts. For some fun scares, take a […]

    Stieg Larsson Millennium Tour of Stockholm

    From relative obscurity to a blockbuster global brand, Stieg Larsson is a venerable Swedish juggernaut in the mold of ABBA, IKEA, H&M … or Ace of Base. The insane success of the late journalist-writer’s Millennium crime trilogy is the stuff of legend. With close to 30 million books sold from Abu Dhabi to Zanzibar, The […]

    Discover the 2010 Crave Sydney International Food Festival

    The month of October transforms the capital of New South Wales into a prominent hub of the culinary arts. Sydney’s status as one of the world’s best destinations for die-hard foodies is well-established but often, it takes one flagship event to synthesize a city’s epicurean allure. For Sydney, that event is, without question, the Crave […]

    A Tour of Lake Titicaca

    Titicaca is one of the largest lakes in the Americas, at over 8,300 km2. This wonderful inland sea is located on the border of Peru and Bolivia, at 3,812 m above sea level. Although there are some other lakes in the Himalayas at a higher altitude, Titicaca has a special status as the highest navigable […]