Khan el-Khalili Suq in Cairo

    Cairo, the dominant, venerable metropolis of Africa and the Arab World, is a beautiful mess of noise, people, monuments, serpentine streets, and traffic. All of this coalesces in the Egyptian capital’s superb Khan el-Khalili suq, or bazaar. A significant hub in Cairo since the late 14th century, this modest video offers a tasty sliver of […]

    The Luxury Restaurant Guide for Downtown Chicago Condos

    If there’s one thing Chicagoans love, it’s food. The bustling restaurant scene is just one of the reasons why so many people are interested in buying Chicago condos for sale. The number of restaurants in the city limits is staggering, over 6,000 within the city limits alone. It’s not just pizza and hot dogs joints either—the […]

    Abu Dhabi: Cosmopolitan Oasis

    Until half a century ago, Abu Dhabi was a simple settlement with not a hint of skyscrapers or modern architecture. With the advent of oil concessions and subsequent windfall, and dissolution of colonial hegemony, the city and indeed, entire Arabian Peninsula, has deviated sharply from an economy once heavily reliant on agriculture, fish and pearl exports.

    Say Yes to Yallingup, Western Australia

    Western Australia is a formidable challenge to undertake as a tourist and indeed, for most, the vast region equals peerless Perth. The indomitable state capital is a perennial “most livable” city, with untold culture, outdoor recreation and a desirable – if not enviable – quality of life for the 1.7 million who live there. With […]

    Lima: Museum City

    The capital of Peru is a great destination for those in search of a genuine cultural experience. A metropolis of more than 8.5 million people, Lima is endlessly enthralling and dynamic. As the pulse point of Peru, the city has a magnificent concentration of museums and is a necessary destination to find out more about […]

    Chilean Miner Rescue Footage

    In what will probably go down as the feel-good story of the year, if not the decade, 33 miners finally made it to the surface in Copiapó, Chile on October 13. With the long, arduous wait now over, the men can look forward to the creature comforts of home and perhaps, the odd Hollywood book […]

    Caught Up in Dust and Sandstorms

    Blanket dust and sandstorms inspire awe and disquiet like few other meteorological phenomena. While typical for semi-arid and desert environments, many climate change scientists foresee a vast increase not just in the number of dust and sandstorms in obvious places like the Sahara and Arabian Peninsula, but indeed, a new outcrop of storm targets. U.S. […]

    5 Sporty Spring Gold Coast Events

    From swimming to paragliding, mountain biking to surfing, barely a month goes by when the Queensland Gold Coast doesn’t host at least one exciting sporting event. This spring (or fall for all you northern hemisphere dwellers) is no exception. So if you’re one of those travelers who likes to spice up their vacation by taking […]