24 Hours in New Orleans

    “The Big Easy” has not had it easy since the 2005 hurricane season, when Katrina, Rita and Wilma swept through the Gulf Coast like Godzilla in downtown Tokyo. While New Orleans may not be all the way back, the city is alive and well. From Mardi Gras to the Super Bowl XLIV champion Saints, epic […]

    London Olympic Park Overview

    Hard to believe that in just one year, the inaugural torch will be lit for the London Summer Games. The implicit scope of the modern-day Olympics compels radical urban change like no other international event and, in the current context of sustainable development, forces architects, engineers and city planners to think about integration and civic […]

    Best Places in France for a Summer Fling

    The antics of François Mitterrand and Dominique Strauss-Kahn aside, the French have a notably healthy, open outlook on love. Vive la différence, “La Vie en rose” and such. With that, plug in your Serge Gainsbourg and Carla Bruni playlist and check out 15 prime places to have a summer fling in France.

    24 Hours in Laos

    Laos, a country entirely enclosed by land, is gaining popularity as a tourist destination in Asia. It is surrounded by other travel hotspots like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and China. Its close proximity to these countries is a major reason why most travellers include Laos in their itineraries. Why settle for one or two stops […]

    Weekly Travel Q&A: L.A. Star Search

    I’m going to Los Angeles with my boyfriend next month and I want to see some stars! Call me celebrity-obsessed but what would a trip to L.A. be without at least one decent sighting? I’m not into the tacky tours of gated celeb homes so spare me that – I just want to know where […]

    2011 Canberra Floriade Primer

    Can you say flower power? The Canberra Floriade is one of the premier Spring flings on the planet, let alone in Australia. The annual event signals the end of winter like no other festival Down Under and transforms Canberra and the ACT into a burst of furious colour. With less than two months left until […]