Off-Beat Washington DC: Oddities of the Smithsonian

    Museum of Natural History by michpowell The history of the Smithsonian Institute itself is unusual: as the institute’s namesake, James Smithson, did not even visit the United States during the course of his lifetime! Smithson’s entire fortune of nearly 10 million US dollars when adjusted for inflation was willed to the United States shortly after […]

    Kununurra: Australia’s Unspoiled Haven

    Set in Western Australia, on the eastern edge of the Kimberley Region, Kununurra is a lively town that still retains its laid-back feeling from back when it was a small settlement. If you are looking to experience Australia’s rugged countryside, then follow this guide for a rewarding visit to pastoral Kununurra.

    The Uniqueness of Japanese Advertising

    There are many certainties that travelers come across while abroad. Most of these, like dealing with vendors and navigating a foreign land, cannot be ignored. Advertising is one of these certainties that can easily blend into the background and be ignored by most travelers. However while in Japan, advertisements should be given a second glance. […]

    Portland’s Incomparable Street Food Explosion

    Street food in many US cities has developed from being an unmemorable, on-the-go, gastro-intestinal roll-of-the-dice to being a respectable culinary movement. While a few cities have enjoyed a robust street food scene for quite some time, a truly impressive momentum has been building around the country in the past few years, and nowhere has that […]

    Party in Paradise!  The Major Celebrations of Koh Samui

    The South East Asian country of Thailand is often simply referred to as paradise by the many travelers who visit every year.  With hundreds of white sandy beaches that are consistently referred to as the best in the world, a mountainous jungle in the northern region, and a cuisine that is one of the most […]

    10 Spectacular Cliff-Side Villages in Europe

    There are some places in the world where living on a rock doesn’t carry a negative connotation. We caught up with ten in particular which offer spectacular sanctuary and brilliant views.

    Christ the King Monument in Swiebodzin, Poland

    Move over Cristo de la Concordia, Bolivia. Move over Cristo Redentor do Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro. As of November 6, 2010, the diminutive town of Swiebodzin, Poland has you both beat with the massive Christ the King monument. While the top Jesus landmark on the planet at 35 m, we should point out that Christ […]

    Does Tuscany Have an Off the Beaten Path?

    I have twice enjoyed the good fortune of researching large parts of Tuscany. The area has an incredibly strong identity and some well-circulated stereotypes: •    Gently rippled hills a dozen shades of green. •    Cinematically perfect fortified hill towns. •    Cypress-lined roads, leading to massive estates – inevitably where Napoleon once slept, with the infamous […]