South Australia’s Monarto Zoological Park

    Not far from Adelaide is a major South Australia wildlife sanctuary. The Monarto Zoological Park combines the concept of a zoo with areas of open, unspoilt wilderness. If you want a quasi-safari experience, Monarto Zoo is the perfect place.

    The Diverse Hotels and Attractions of Kyoto, Japan

    Kyoto is a unique city that blends multiple eras of Japanese history into one cosmopolitan collection of old and new.  On the surface it appears like any other large city, but exploring a little deeper opens up a whole new world. Golden Pavilion by daniel437 With such a collection of attractions, it should be no […]

    Ride the Glacier Express from St. Moritz to Zermatt

    There are a lot of memorable, extraordinary railway rides in the world and the Glacier Express has to rank as one of the best. The Swiss line between the pre-eminent ski resorts of St. Moritz and Zermatt offers panoramic views of the Alps and attracts hordes of tourists throughout the year. Equally gorgeous in summer […]

    5 Cool Winter Getaways in Slovakia

    Slovakia is rapidly becoming a top winter destination with its popular mountain resorts and breathtaking scenery. The Slovak Republic offers over 300 resorts to choose from, mostly located in national parks. Plenty of freeride zones, great snow conditions and good downhill runs make Slovakia the perfect winter destination for both amateurs and experts.

    Independent Travel in Burma

    Last week was a big news week for Burma (Myanmar). The two stories making headlines were the first “democratic” elections in over 20 years, which were widely dismissed as a sham, and six days later the military junta finally releasing Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace Prize winner and, let’s not forget, the country’s rightful […]

    Chicago’s Own Broadway – Upcoming Shows in the Windy City

    When thinking of theater in the United States, Broadway in New York City often comes to mind as being the absolute best. While having the largest collection of shows at any given time, New York does reign supreme. However, many other cities throughout the country have an equally impressive catalog of shows, both touring and […]

    Langkawi Cultural Events

    The archipelago of Langkawi is located off the Northwestern coast of Malaysia in the Andaman Sea.  The 97 uninhabited and 2 inhabited islands that comprise the archipelago were designated a Geopark by UNESCO in 2007.  Unlike neighboring Penang, Langkawi has enjoyed a relatively off-the-beaten track status for many years and boasts serene nature, idyllic beaches, […]

    Eco Friendly Travel IS Possible

    As the movement towards going green increases and there is more talk of things like carbon footprints, some people are starting to think that maybe we’re going to have to choose between loving to travel or loving the earth. But maybe that doesn’t have to be true. As with anything else in life, balance, mindfulness […]