Rome’s Best Rooftop Restaurants

    You’re in a rooftop restaurant in Rome, so things can really only get better from here on in. Throw in a multi-hued sunset, an overly eager sommelier and your pick of the best ruins in Europe and things are getting pretty close to perfect. Rooftop restaurants are almost always situated in Rome hotels, which can […]

    Top Photography Apps for your iPhone/Android

    As the pixels in camera phones become mega macho, digital cameras are getting ditched, only to gather dust. While Photography apps on iPhone have the bigger bite of the apple, Android apps are seriously getting injected with juice. Here’s the cool list to get you snap-appy! Polarize price: free Available: iPhone Many days have been passed […]

    Top 5 Oeuvres at the Musée du Louvre

    The Musée du Louvre is one of the most iconic landmarks on the planet and the one point of interest Paris hotels look to for a reliable torrent of guests. If your bucket list includes “Visit one art museum.”, this is unquestionably it. With far too much to digest in three installments, let alone one, […]

    San Francisco’s Best Shopping Precincts

    The best thing about shopping in San Francisco is that there’s a little something for everyone. From vintage clothes to cult vinyl records, the latest leather shoes from Europe to hard-to-find jeans, San Francisco’s shopping destinations do not disappoint. Take your time strolling along San Francisco’s best streets and discover offbeat boutiques nestled amongst world-class […]

    ICC Cricket World Cup Opening Ceremony

    The first ball has been spun at the 2011 World Cup of Cricket and excitement is at a fever pitch in host nations India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. With the late release and subsequent rush on tickets for some of the premium knockout contests, vacancy rates at hotels in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Colombo and Dhaka […]

    London’s Hippest Neighbourhoods

    London is the coolest city on the planet (though New Yorkers beg to differ), with hip neighbourhoods galore to explore. For the hippest of the hip, there’s no need to venture out of East London. Once the wrong end of town, creative types gave the east a revamp in the nineties. Now a ride on […]

    Best Expat Bars in Asia

    The expat drinking scene in Asia has come a long way since the days of Somerset Maugham. While it may still be the done thing for tourists to sidle up to the Raffles Long Bar and order a Singapore Sling, expats are looking for something edgier. Which is not to say that hotels in Singapore […]

    Sydney’s Gayest Neighbourhoods

    Photo: Credit Pride marches are a dime a dozen in Europe and America, but Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras stands alone like a camp and sexy jewel in the global crown of homo festivals. What began as a 1978 protest has grown so big it’s made Sydney arguably the world’s top gay destination. Accolades […]