Best Expat Bars in Asia

    The expat drinking scene in Asia has come a long way since the days of Somerset Maugham. While it may still be the done thing for tourists to sidle up to the Raffles Long Bar and order a Singapore Sling, expats are looking for something edgier. Which is not to say that hotels in Singapore […]

    Sydney’s Gayest Neighbourhoods

    Photo: Credit Pride marches are a dime a dozen in Europe and America, but Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras stands alone like a camp and sexy jewel in the global crown of homo festivals. What began as a 1978 protest has grown so big it’s made Sydney arguably the world’s top gay destination. Accolades […]

    10 Great LA Food Trucks: Gourmet Meals Served off a Set of Wheels

    Food is good. Food trucks are very, very good. Life just got better. Catering trucks and street food have come a long way since that suspicious special sauce or dodgy dog in a bun. Whether you know them as mobile diners, gourmet trucks or food vans, there is no denying that food trucks are sweeping […]

    Berlin International Film Festival 2011

    For sixty years now, the Berlin International Film Festival has been the foremost champion of the avant-garde, iconoclastic, dissident and radical in world cinema. In this regard, the premier event on the Berlin arts calendar far outstrips shameless Hollywood system panderers like Cannes and TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival, in arty appeal. Always a […]

    Australia’s Best Restaurants with Views

    In the culinary obsessed nation that is Australia, sending roses to your better half on Valentine’s Day just isn’t going to cut it anymore. The baseline for modern romantic celebration has become upscale dining, fine food and million dollar vistas. Restaurants with views have their Valentine’s Day bookings swallowed up months in advance, but you […]

    F1 2011 Season Preview

    Gentlemen, start your multi-million dollar engines. The dawn of a new Formula One season is upon us as, once again, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile and top motorsports class on the planet packs up and circles the globe. F1 is the most capital-intensive and highly-orchestrated road show this side of the Cirque de Soleil and […]

    Copenhagen: King of Cool

    Denmark is a wonderful Scandinavian country and its capital city, Copenhagen, is definitely a top European destination for arts, culture and last but not least, entertainment. Copenhagen is a city with bustling nightlife, where trendy bars and clubs welcome bigger and bigger crowds every year. If you’re just passing by or in the process of […]

    Top 10 Restaurants in Vancouver

    The foremost city in British Columbia is on a phenomenal tear. Fresh off Winter Olympics glory, top marks on world livability indices and a de facto, evermore secure place within the pantheon of cosmopolitan trendsetters, life is good for Vancouver. One specific aspect of Vancouver has drawn scads of attention in recent years. A diverse […]