The Kate Moss Tour of London

    Kate Moss – most recently seen at Splendour in the Grass and on a yacht in Saint-Tropez – is clearly one of those celebs we most associate with the high-roller, glam side of the UK capital. The press and public have a love-hate relationship with the model citizen that is often difficult for people across […]

    U2 360° Tour Time Lapse

    What began at Camp Nou in Barcelona, Spain on June 30, 2009 came to a final, decisive sonic halt on Magnetic Hill in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada on July 30, 2011. The most ambitious, immense, expensive and profitable tour in history – can we still call it a “world tour” with only five total dates […]

    Weekly Travel Q&A: How to Score Air and Hotel Upgrades

    I have a lot of acquaintances, colleagues and co-workers who travel for pleasure and business and, every so often, they remark in casual conversation that they were able to bump up to first class or finagle a hotel suite over the ocean. Unfortunately, I can never get them to divulge just how they manage to […]

    Get Hip to Japanese Inns

    Japan is recognised worldwide as a tech-savvy, fastidious, on-the-go civilisation with a deep reverence for tradition. Somehow, the country manages to balance the two. Enter the ryokan, a singular style of accommodation with inherent customs and mores that harken back to the early Edo period and well beyond. Typical ryokan breakfast – Photo credit Ryokan, […]

    The Lowdown on the Whitsunday Islands

    As a scatter of paradisal island goodness and paramount springboard to the mother of all reef systems, the Whitsundays simply rule. The loose archipelago off the central coast of Queensland lures over 700,000 annual visitors – a modest total, in all honesty, which keeps the prestige factor intact and saves the pristine chain from overt […]

    24 Hours in Normandy

    Though the once-powerful Duchy of Normandy is no more, you can still patrol the north of France and take in venerable Norman culture. The modern regions of Haute-Normandie (Upper Normandy) and Basse-Normandie (Lower Normandy), smack between a Bretagne (Brittany) and Picardie (Picardy) baguette sandwich, roughly correspond to the traditional area of yore and command a […]