Most Beautiful Subway Stations in Moscow

Home to some of the world’s most renowned tourist attractions, the city of Moscow keeps one of its most important treasures hidden deep underground. Designed by the most skilled architects of the Soviet Union, Moscow’s metro system has been described as an underground art museum, for its unique murals and decorations. Whether you’re travelling between local attractions and hotels in Moscow, or you simply want to check out some true artistic masterpieces, Moscow’s subway stations are just what you’re looking for.


Named after the Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, Mayakovskaya station is considered one of the most beautiful subway stations in the world, and a fine example of pre-World War II Stalinist architecture. The entrance to Mayakovkaya is decorated with motives from Mayakovsky’s “The Backbone Flute”, and features beautiful Art Deco details. The ceiling is covered with no less than 34 mosaics depicting a brilliant Soviet future as envisioned by painter Alexander Deyneka.
Mayakovskaya metrostantion, Moscow, Russia p1000152

Mayakovskaya metrostantion, Moscow, Russia p1000148


Designed and decorated by three of the Soviet Union’s most famous architects, Vladimir Schucko, Vladimir Gelfreich and Igor Rozhin, Elektrozavodskaya is one of the most beautiful landmarks in Moscow. Named after the nearby railway station, this underground wonder pays homage to the pioneers of electricity. As a result, Elektrozavodskaya’s vestibule dome features spectacular bas-reliefs of Benjamin Franklin, William Gilbert, Mikhail Lomonosov, Pavle Yablochkov, Michael Faraday and Alexander Popov.

Photo by Eugeny 1988

Photo by Andy Volykhov

Prospekt Mira

Although the north side of Moscow isn’t exactly dotted with tourist attractions, Prospekt Mira is well worth the trip. Designed by architects Vladimir Gelfreyech and Mikhail Minkus, the station’s decor was greatly inspired by the nearby Botanical Gardens of Moscow State University. Prospekt Mira’s pillars are covered in white marble and intricate bas-reliefs and ornate chandeliers provide a lavish touch.

Metro Prospekt Mira.

Prospekt Mira


Built to serve as a bunker, Arbatskaya is the second largest station in Moscow’s subway system, and at 41 meters underground, the deepest. Finalized one month after Stalin’s death, Arbatskaya station boasts a unique elliptical design and a series of overwhelming “Stalinist Baroque” decorations.

arbatskaya station



The first Moscow subway station to be completed after the reign of Joseph Stalin, Kievskaya impresses with colorful works of art. The station was named after the capital of Ukraine. Nikita Khruschev, who succeeded Stalin at the helm of the Soviet Union, was himself born in Kiev. Sensing his homeland’s contribution to the creation of the U.S.S.R. wasn’t recognized, Khruschev decided Kievskaya would be a fitting tribute. Today, the subway station is well known for its colorful mosaics, depicting scenes from Soviet history.

Kievskaya Metrostantion, Moscow, Russia P1000951

russia day 3b - (13)


Novoslobodskaya metro station was designed by Alexey Dushkin and is most famous for 32 beautiful stained glass panels, illuminated from within. Because Russia didn’t have a tradition of stained glass, the panels were commissioned in Latvia. They each have their very own design and are lined with intricately carved frames.

subway station

novoslobodskaya station 4


Widely regarded as the most beautiful of all 150 stations in Moscow’s subway system, Komsomolskaya looks more like a museum. The stations is under the busiest transport hub in Russia’s capital, Komsomolskaya Square. Leaning heavily on Baroque decor, the stations boasts elaborate chandeliers and grand vaulted ceilings.

45 Komsomolskaya Metro Station - Moscow (Russia)

Komsomolskaya Metrostantion, Moscow, Russia P1000458

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