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Low Cost Buses in America

With fuel prices rising, getting around America can be expensive. Airlines are raising fuel prices and the train system is equally as expensive (and very limited). Here are some inexpensive bus options that will help you get around the states:

Mega Bus
An offshoot of the hugely successful version in the UK, this bus service services the northeast, Midwest, and west coast. If you book early enough, fares can be as low as one dollar!! Normal fares range between 6-10 dollars one way and are still a great option. This bus service is one of the cheapest around. The seats are a little small but they are comfortable.

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Bolt Bus
Bolt Bus mainly operates on east coast of America but is slowly expanding southward. It offers free wifi and electoral outlets for your laptops. You really can’t go wrong with that!! It’s a great way to pass the time. The seats are of average size and the bathroom is kept quite clean. Tickets are usually more expensive than Megabus but you’re paying for that wifi. Book early as this bus lines sells out all of its seats.

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The largest carrier in America, Greyhound will take you anywhere. Though not generally cheap, Greyhound has lowered prices in the face of stiff competition. It’s still a great deal and will take you to more places than the other bus lines.

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Fung Wah
Operating exclusively in the northeast, Fung Wah (the Chinatown bus) is a dirt cheap option. However, often referred to as the steal cage of death, it has a spotty safety record. The seats are pretty good and the facilities are passable. This bus line is a good option if you need to be dropped off right downtown in NYC and not Penn Station.

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Apex Bus
Operating up and down the east coast, this is another cheap option. It doesn’t offer dollar fares but, besides greyhound, is the only carrier that will take you through the south. The seats and the facilities are on par with the other bus operators.

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