Lose Weight As You Travel on Top Healthy Holidays

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Holidays are generally a time for over-indulgence – fine food and drink coupled with total relaxation while traveling can make for a rather unhealthy break. It might be expected to put on weight during the holidays but it is by no means a foregone conclusion.

If you book a healthy holiday, you can go away and actually lose weight while still enjoying yourself. Here are five of the top healthy holidays to help you keep off the pounds.

Skiing in the Alps

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There are few holidays around that can keep you as continuously active as a skiing holiday. From the first blitz down the freshly pisted runs to the last blast back to the chalet, skiing is some of the best full body exercise you can do on a holiday. You can burn up to 565 calories in an hour of vigorous downhill skiing, and have great fun whilst you do so.

Red Sea Water Sports

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The Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el Sheikh has become famous for water sports, in particular diving around its stunning coral. If you’re seeking activities which are a little more physical, then waterskiing, windsurfing and kayaking are all popular along Sharm’s shores.

Majorca Boot Camp

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A holiday to Majorca may be a summer favourite, but if you are serious about losing weight while on holiday then visiting Mereo Boot Camp might be just the answer. Ex-army husband and wife team Ian and Liz Robinson run boot camp Majorcan holidays with military-style fitness routines coupled with activities like kayaking, mountain biking and runs along the beach.

Mexico Activity Holidays

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Tour operator Thomson sells package holidays to the Riviera Maya overlooking the Caribbean, which is stuffed full of activities to keep you dynamic and vigorous. Snorkeling, volleyball, tennis, swimming, canoeing and rock climbing are just some of the activities available in the beautiful settings of the Mexican coastline.

Yoga in Goa

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For those less interested in the explosive action-packed activities, a relaxing and contemplative yoga holiday in Goa, India, might be just the trick. Yoga harnesses a balance of body and mind, and experiencing the meditative art in the beautiful surroundings of Goa is truly enchanting.


29 Comments for "Lose Weight As You Travel on Top Healthy Holidays"

Rebecca J says on June 22nd, 2010 at 9:29 am:

Goodness sounds like a lot of hard work! I have found that one can lose weight on holiday simply by eating less….

Steve Fuller says on June 22nd, 2010 at 12:41 pm:

I wouldn’t have picked going on holiday to Majorca as one of my preferences for a holiday, but then again, I suppose relaxing on a beach is often as good enough for the mind than doing a physical activity!


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